Me & my daughter singing : Highway don't care by Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift

>>Derek Cate>>Me & my daughter singing : Highway don't care by Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift
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Barbara Cassady:
I have to say you and your daughter did an outstanding job with this song! God Bless you and your daughter and NEVER stop singing together!!!!
Daisy 2076:
You guys sound really good keep up the good work
That was awesome on so many levels!
I am Pegasus:
A daughter, her dad and a song....... cannot think of more fun thing to do than a young daughter giving her dad skin, playing air guitar and performing a vocal duet together...... Hailey you rock girl and dad you ain't too bad either.
John Delacruz:
Adorable. Keep up the great music.
K R:
Cried. over and over. I hope you get a contract deal.💜
Lee Lloyd:
I have this CD Tim magraw sings this song
Shane Zavaleta:
Damn I know this is old but you two are amazing!!
Soham Rana:
Just Amazing combo performance ....keep it up.
Val Howell:
this was the first video I had seen. And im a huge McGraw fan and I honestly can say your video wins hands down. This was I believe I fell for you n your msic. Wish I had a man to sing to me, your wife n kids are so blessed by your voice, don't ever stop
kolt daugherty:
This is so beautiful..takes this hardened man to a beautiful place for a few minutes...Thank you..💙
lun Meir:
how has Cate progressed in her life in music? id love to see her grow into an amazing singer like her father
steve magro:
Pedo promotion sick people 😡
Асад Маммедли:
love you bro keep it do wwith you daugher

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Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift
Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift and Keith Urban
Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift Cover
Highway don't care cover by Derek Cate
Highway don't care cover