Me & my daughter singing : Highway don't care by Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift

>>Derek Cate Music>>Me & my daughter singing : Highway don't care by Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift
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Joshua Castillo:
Missing my daughter like crazy right now. I was listening to this song and
interpreting it in my own custom way, I guess I can say. Just picturing my
little girl & myself singing this together, even though it's not really
meant for a daughter and a dad. Then I see you and your daughter singing it
in the related videos. Thank you, guys! Good job.
Joshua Spengeman:
dude go on one of those shows
can she BE any more Adorable haha, Derek awsome as allways
Margaret Cabrera2:
I can't believe it's been over 2 years since this. I still come back and
rewatch this over and over again.
Melaine Pritchard:
Beautiful job by the both of you.
Nathan Brooks:
awesome job man you two are great.
Northwoods Angling:
Been watching your stuff for many, many, many years. Just the other day I
was trying to remember the channel, glad to see your still going at it,
great work Derek!
Samantha Willis:
oh my gosh u guys are awesome. together ur daughter should be a singer just
like you are!!!!
Shahid Ishraq:
I didn't know anything could be so cute
Skäggulk Bergström:
Would You take on a real challange.. .Sing a Swedish song. ballad with
guitarr and all. would be so awesome =)
Send me a Hint, poke or whatever they call it nowadys =) <---almost swedish
grammer there =D
Stefan Vogel:
Just came across your channel - you guys are awesome! Can't wait to see
more of that father-daughter duo....all the best from Frankfurt, Germany!
Derek you are so talented! You and your beautiful girl did amazing job!!
God bless you all! Xo💕
justin hill:
dude you rock as a dad. the look in her eyes, looking at you.. bonding and
doing what you both love... freaking epic
you two sound amazing together...your daughter has a sweet voice!
Алекс Ачимов:
Очень клёвые ребята)))

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Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift
Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift and Keith Urban
Highway don't care Tim Mcgraw ft Taylor Swift Cover
Highway don't care cover by Derek Cate
Highway don't care cover