Collin Sexton Acts a FOOL In Florida! | City Of Palms Classic HIGHLIGHTS

>>BallerVisions>>Collin Sexton Acts a FOOL In Florida! | City Of Palms Classic HIGHLIGHTS
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BamasaintDexter poindexter sr:
I like how this dude reach out in plain air to shake the hand of players that's not there and walk back to the free throw line and sticks up his thumb. That is some funny stuff right there.
Chandler Davidson:
Is that Penny Hardaway at 2:17 next to the guy in the white? Haha shakin his head
Cody Sray:
hey man I'm really not a fan of Colton Sexton
James Games:
1:02 lol, tries to give an high five to the opponent
Joe Taylor:
I like this guy he's cocky but what player doesn't wanna be the best? My only thing is I hope he doesn't end up like rondo getting labeled as "hard to work with" other than that i expect to see him in the 2018 draft
Kids Dude Perfect:
The other team is Brentwood, CA
Lorenzo Tagger:
The fuck that nigga be lookin at when he shoots free throws?
Michael Marshall:
Can't stop thinking of Lance Stephenson every time I watch this kid
ahahahh after i seen that last fucked up dunk i cant watch nomore, i paused zion for this smfh
Scotty Zakobielski:
what was the last song the video played
Willis Street:
colin sexton looks like a dude that a white girl is gonna have consensual sex with and then accuse him off rape 3 weeks later after. these white people like you just because you can shoot a basketball That's It. They hate your skin color. enjoy your life but just never forget that racism is real my BROTHA!
Yamil De Jesus:
This guy is an entertainer on the court
cash pick:
Wtf does he think when he shot free throws lmao
nom nom:
what was that song called at the end of the vid
he's nice so what he talks trash he's backing it up 💯✔

    Alabama bound senior guard Collin Sexton has a good time in Florida as he puts on a show! Crazy handle and speed and ability to finish in the lane going to be a dangerous prospect for the Crimson Tide next year!



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