whiskey lullaby

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Austin Genusa:
I love whiskey lullaby it reminding me of my dad when he use to listen to it when. He pass away
Ava Schearer:
Why isn't there an hour version version of this?
Chester Didzena:
kill me end me im not pertentd anymore
Daniel Landry:
I'm a man...maybe a sociopath idk...but when I know I need to cry to get shit out this one always does the trick
Isabella Walters:
My dad listened to this when my mom and him got divorced it made me cry three years ago and it still does even he crys when he hears this song and he does not cry easily
Jasmine Teed:
My mom and dad got divorced 2 years ago today and he recently killed himself on there annerversery I miss him but be did it to himself
When you first understand what the lyrics are actually saying, and come back time and time again after going through the pain
Matt Bentzley:
I envy that guy. I wish I was him. Then I wouldn't feel the pain.
Precious Joe:
I donno but this songs reach inside of me
I used to hate on rednecks but damn these crackers make good songs
Ryan Proctor:
Very much live the but I can relate to the pain all to greatly!
Siren Katarashina:
Skyler Lukas:
This is what happened to me and my ex, I'm still not going to be healed... I'm an empty emotionless shell of what I use to be... I don't laugh I don't smile I don't ever make faces other than an empty blank stare
The one and only:
I once tried killing myself, it was after a breakup, but now I'm here and I found a girl I love and would spend the rest of my life with. I know I might be drafted soon, but I trust her, it's like fireworks when I kiss her and I hurt when I'm not with her.
daniel kishmarton:
Why’s this song have to hit so deep.

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