College Basketball's Best Shooter: Micah Mason

>>Pro Shot Shooting System>>College Basketball's Best Shooter: Micah Mason
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Dhruv Raval:
I also need that shooting trining
Josh Egelman:
He uses the line of power witch goes agents everything you guys teach.
Louie Hoersten:
I think they should do max hooper the guy who only shoots 3s
Masud Saeedi:
Hey Guys great video, I loved your breakdown of his shot, come and take a
look at my shooting videos including 40 POINT GAMES, crazy shooting videos
and more!

Thanks for the support and god bless
Michael Gabriel Cruz:
This Micah dude had a shooting gun?! And a fiberglass and orange standard
P Kickz:
Goes to show you shooting isn't everything. He won't get drafted.
Roger Cobbs:
steve kerr shot feet are set
Steph Curry:
Mason is my first name and micah is my brothers name...
The Answer:
How does a 4th grader get one of those basketball cannons? lucky
Toussaint Crawford:
what is that he's using?? ball feeder?
david divers:
what kind of machine is this when he shot it give it back to him
this kid had a shooting machine and his own court in his backyard as a
child?!?!?? I think that answers why he is nice at ball
I hope he's not another Jimmer Fredette if he goes into the NBA. Jimmer was
an amazing 3 point shooter in college and isn't really that good now :/
yvonne roads:
Saw Micah play against UD last night. Put on quite a show! Excellent
One of the greatest pure shooters to come out of college in a long time.
Hard to know if he has enough other game to make the NBA though. He's short
(generously listed at 6'2"), slow, an average passer/defender and not a
natural point guard even at the college level. If he was 5"-6" taller he'd
be at a bigger program and a real draft prospect. Definitely has a career
in Europe if he wants it but in the US I just see him bouncing in and out
of the D-league and summer league for a few years. He'd have to land in
just the right situation to make it to the NBA where he probably could
surprise people and make an unexpected impact as a role player off the
bench. Poor man's Jimmer Fredette.

We look at college basketball's best 3 point shooter who is on a mission to break a record.