The Band Perry - If I Die Young

>>TheBandPerryVEVO>>The Band Perry - If I Die Young
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Agouterspace M:
What's the meaning of the video I don't really get it
Aliss M:
Always in our hearts, Finn Hudson ♥
Anne Razak:
me: ... if I die young...🎶
mom: it's too late.. you're old enough.
Asahi Mode:
I don't want to die young so i could listen to this song after 100 yrs .
Austin Fuentes:
So sad because this was the song they played at my grandmas funeral in 2011 and I'm only 12 now and this makes me cry whenever I hear it
Becca Alexander:
My grandfather died cuz of a tumor, and whenever I listen to this song, it reminds me of him, and my great-grandfather who died of age.
I miss you both, but you're in a better place
David Davila:
back in 2014 I thought my girlfriend was gone forever and I thought I lost her when so many much happen because I want to spend more time with her because my girlfriend means everything to me I never realized I was starting a normal life of her but I see now she means everything to me
Madison Daubert:
This used to be my favorite song 😭
Michael Newcomer:
This was played at my moms funeral 😭😭😭😭 august 8 1981 - december 19 2016
RIP Gene. I think about you still
Ryan Beers:
nothing like a song glorifying suicide which is the permenant solution to a temporary problem well in most cases it is a temporary problem but for me it's a perminant problem one I'll live with gor the rest of my lifr which who knows how long that will be if anybody has a reason for suicide it's me but that ain't gonna happen b/c I wanna be around and watch karma slap the shit outta the person responsible for putting me in the situation I was in (horrific car wreck) 1t.b.i (trumatic brain injury)6 skull fractures was given less than 1 % chance to live at inital hospital I was in well here I am kicking ass and taking names as usual well not quite my new "usual" so far which is horrendiously ABNORMAL 😡😠😬😣😤😧..!! for me NOT EVEN WITHIN THE RELM OF WHAT I THOUGHT LIFE HAD PLANNED OUT FOR ME BUT AS THE OLD SAYING GOES NOTHINGS MORE UNPREDICTABLE HAN LIFE, MAYBE THAT'S JUST A SAYING I MADE UP IDK 😮😞😟😦😧😯..??..
Summer Gibby:
so like who's watching in 2017 🤔? I AM😋
The bff channel BFFS:
"Funny when your dead how people start listening".😢 this song brings back memories
Tina Proffitt:
Kills me Last song my daughter heard     My baby girl  Jeannie Marie Proffitt  forever 22  over a boy !!
Văn Đức Trần:
việt nam 👍👍👍👍👍

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