The Band Perry - If I Die Young

>>TheBandPerryVEVO>>The Band Perry - If I Die Young
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Alison Northrup:
ya u protect me n I got a big mouth but u don't love me like I love u. its unexplainable true love. I am sacrificing getting my son cause I love him. u would steal yours from parents he loves. get it?
Cherokee James:
Here I fleeing audit my life now❤❤❤💔💔if i go out here wood like to go out of my life!
Hsieh Kenji:
I really really really love this song!
Joshua McMullin:
I miss you Elina Miller😫😥 you were my best friend. I love you so much. keep looking over us. Rest In Paradise Lina💓
Katerri Dale:
Nooooooo...... Why did you have to go, It should have just been me. Like if anyone here loves me. I just soo miss you, I need to see your face again. But everyday I think about how you were, and how off and fruitcake you were too. I just one thing tho, I just want to see you. I'm sooo crying right now, I need my big sis by my side when I am going to have my dance, abd here you were just so excited for that. I miss you so much, and I need to see you.💐😭😭😭💞😞
Key LCee:
ppl come here when someone dies, today is Avicii, RIP
Kinga Sulej:
Avicii... 😭💔 always in our hearts ❤
Lee Lover:
I’ve never known the love in of a man. Reminds me of my dad he never talked to me but I love and miss him. I’m so glad my daughter and father are so close. Girls need that I never had that.
Savannah Hamilton:
8 years later and this song is still so if you love this song
Uhh huuh huuuu huuuuu huuuh (;_;)
The Forgotten Shadow:
This reminds me of my dogs who passed.. cooper: cancer, kidney failure and other things. Emily: Cancer, heart failure.

I can’t not cry 😭
Tracy Frazier:
This song kills me reminds me of my little boy that passed at 4 years old.
agnes Lourdes:
I can't help but listen to this song everyday !
RIP Avicii. Make the angels dance.
somthing differnt:
what is the meaning of the song?

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