Darius Rucker - If I Told You

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - If I Told You
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Alexandria Hernandez:
This song is one of all my time favorites! love this song!!!!!
Andrea Viverito:
I just frickin love YouTube. Im going through the lineup for Ravinia. Yea never been there yet. Im looking up bands and musicians I'm not familiar with but are playing at Ravinia and finding I've heard alot of this music before and like it and now I know who is doing it.
Ash Oliveira:
i love this song. Everyone can relate...
Doug Fresh:
You want people to stop calling you Hootie, I guess you come out with some of the greatest country music under your own name.  Works for me
Gary Connelly:
What if I told you about my little nothing town
The two room house where I came from
The man that I got my name from
I don't even know where he is now
What if I told you sometimes I lose my faith?
I wonder why someone like you would even talk to me
What if I told you there's no fixing me
Cause everybody's already tried
Would you stay? Would you leave?
I could wait, it'll all come out eventually
If I told you all the stupid things I've done
I'd blamed on being young
But I was old enough to know, I know
If I told you the mess that I can be
When there's no one there to see
Would you look the other way, cause you love me anyway?
What if I told you I don't plan on staying here?
My dreams are a million miles away
And I know your family's gonna want you to stay
You know what? I don't blame them
So I'll say what I don't want to
And I'll just pray you want what I do
If I told you all the stupid things I've done
I'd blamed on being young
But I was old enough to know, I know
If I told you the mess that I can be
When there's no one there to see
Could you look the other way cause you love me anyway?
Cause you love me anyway
So before we go any further here
Better we turn into another year
There's some things you probably don't want to hear
But you have to
If I told you sometimes I get jealous
Sometimes I'm half crazy
Would you say the hell with me, the hell with me?
If I told you I barely know what love is
But girl, if that's what this I don't want to let it slip away
Could you love me anyway, please?
Could you love me anyway? [x3]
Jordyn Taylor:
boo you to the 4k people who disliked this song
Nathan proctor:
ive never felt so connected to an artist, whether it was hootie and the blowfish or as a solo artist. this guy i feel is singing to me. i love this mans honesty. its all me hahaha
love this song my favorite song listen to it over and over
Omar Al-azawi:
What a beautiful song absolutely he take it to different level.
Payton Yanez:
What's crazy is I'm 14 and all of this he sings of is true of me, I grew up in a small town, Father left when I was two, I always make mistakes .....
Scott Powers:
I've NEVER heard ANYTHING that Darius Rucker, from the beginning of his career,  has done that wasn't FABULOUS.
Shaunte Kisbey:
Some voices can cross genres effortlessly.
I like Darius, but I preferred him in Hootie and the blowfish
No... get your s%^* together so you can be in a real relationship.
whiskey jiro:
I told my wife similar word's like this when I met her fresh out of prison. now we have been married for 10 year's.

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