Darius Rucker - If I Told You

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Cathy Cooper:
Great song...can't wait for more love songs like this...He makes listening to His words personal...
Charlene Blevins:
Much love for Hootie!!! He has such a beautiful voice and just keeps getting better!! 😘
Erynn Perez-Lundt:
I will always know his voice. It's a part of me now. 😍
Gary Hicks:
Great, Loving is.....................
Heather Crawford:
He has such a BEAUTIFUL voice!!! I can't wait to see him in concert.
Jul ofDenial:
I was on Pandora and this song came on for the first time just now. It's was only the third line he was singing before I was crying like a baby. So touchingly vulnerable and beautiful.

And then the video! I love it! The black and white, the artistry, the gorgeous girl, the handsome man, the ocean, the guitar... I'm in love.
Ken Hasibar:
2:25 is the most beautiful music. THE amazing crescendo?! I'm an atheist, but Darius Rucker could make me believe in god.
Kiya Foster:
My dad sent me this I wonder why
Krisada Aoumsri:
What if I told you about my little nothing town
The two room house where I came from
The man that I got my name from
I don't even know where he is now
What if I told you sometimes I lose my faith?
I wonder why someone like you would even talk to me
What if I told you there's no fixing me
Cause everybody's already tried
Would you stay? Would you leave?
I could wait, it'll all come out eventually
If I told you all the stupid things I've done
I'd blamed on being young
But I was old enough to know, I know
If I told you the mess that I can be
When there's no one there to see
Would you look the other way, cause you love me anyway?
What if I told you I don't plan on staying here?
My dreams are a million miles away
And I know your family's gonna want you to stay
Mary Mota:
Awesome truthful song. Country suits him well.
Oso cubz first stand:
Daruis i been your fan since hootie and the blowfish and im only 26 i want to thank you for your work wish i could meet you in person.
S.a M:
Would you stay, would you leave, I could wait...... no just love me anyway..
Tony Jacques:
I WOULD say every body is fixable you have to want to.
This song is so underrated!! I'm sure we've all felt this way with someone we love before. The fear and uncertainty that we might not be worthy of their love because of our past, demons, etc. Beautiful song.
nifer GARRETT:
Amazing. Timeless. My mom and aunt used to go see Hootie when they would play at the House of Blues in New Orleans. I was a little girl watching them dressing up and singing along to their music. I'm 30 and doing the same thing! #MakinMommaProud #GoodMusic

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