Darius Rucker - If I Told You

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - If I Told You
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Awesomeness Be aware:
In 15 years old and sadly all this song brings to my mind is my niece.. She is 7 years old and has a tumor in her brain. I can't wait till all her kimo is done. I miss her so much and haven't seen her since a week after my brother figured it out... All I can do is prey that she will be okay... 😪
Becky Besford:
Garrett Dawkins:
This song reminds me of myself with girl or guys
James Faison:
I love the song but I don't think the video matched the message that the song is sending.
Jerry Vice:
His voice is amazing beautifully song love this song cause I’m the women who would love you guide you but no one wants a good women
Michele Epling:
Always love u Jeremiah Thompson
Nickie Nikki:
Darius Rucker he is awesome <3 him
Rebekah Mcfatridge:
hootie is way better as country singer....yep.....sad but true...u get it hootie...
Ricky Knittel:
I've been a fan since hootie and the blowfish.
Rocky Panda:
Awesome song Darius rucker 😃
Tate Mosley:
who else thinks there is just alittle bit of pimp in him?😂😭
Terri Mathis:
I truly enjoy Darius when he uses his God given gift of music. Only the truly great songs can move a person, as well as their heart. So many of his songs do that. So thank you Darius, for sharing your music with us.
Timothy Williams:
Love this song I'm going to sing it to my girlfriend when I'm not to shy to do it.
Veronica Contreras:
IF I told you that I did more with you prwsent Raúl Brinsdis would you believe me.
karen james:
Amazing song,with a man who has an absolutely fantastic voice.....love it.😃

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