Golden Globes Host Jimmy Fallon Takes 3 Swipes at Trump in first 4 Minutes of Show

>>Jacko Swami>>Golden Globes Host Jimmy Fallon Takes 3 Swipes at Trump in first 4 Minutes of Show
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Cheuk Lau:
i want to kill myself after watching this embarrassed retard, even my retarded cousin has better sense of humor
Ilija B:
You know nothing Jimmy Fallon!!
Ivan Dobrichkov:
What a cuck, he'd let his wife get fucked by black mamba first chance he gets
J-Modz boxbuilds:
when are they dropping the bomb on this event to make America great again ? A room full of rich liberal garbage the world would be better off without!
Jeb Bush:
They should ban any tv host without any knowledge of US history. The us has never honered a popular vote dumb ass
I love reading triggered beta-cucks' comments on these videos. You are all so fucking butt-hurt over a comedian and his jokes! THAT'S whats funny! LMFAO!
hollywood is great, just pander to the lowest common denominator and gets applause!
Perry Bird:
but he's gay isn't he? mind you that don't matter but he should come out of the closet
Raymond Marchand:
Shut Your Pie Hole dumb Ass! You Lib Fraud!
ibtissam kassimi:
ricky gervais made every host of golden globes look unfunny and skatchy as hell
jay Justme:
when was the last time actors and actresses addressed politics I guess they still want the vets to remain homeless I ques they want isis on their land, I guess they want gangsters to invade homes and riots in malls what a bunch of morons Jimmy I am so disappointed this was the inappropriate place for politics you know nothing about. You want a liar and thief for the president they do not know anything.
Listen to the first 10 seconds of his rambling, and you can tell he is wasted. What a goon. hahahaha
lastinline bruce:
self absorbed Liberal clowns masturbating each other with awards
put Streep & fallon on the BOYCOTT list
Transparently trying to save face after he wanked the orange mop. Too little too late. Not that he wasn't an embarrassing kiss-ass before, but when you're palling around with proto-Hitler it's a little different.
Says a lot about America when this fake unfunny dickhead is the host

    This is the Golden Globes one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote. His next swipe at Trump came 3 minutes and thirty seconds into the monologue. The film Florence Foster Jenkins is nominated. The character has been dubbed the world’s worst opera singer. And even she turned down performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The next Trump ‘joke’ was 20 seconds later. Of course, the ballots for tonight’s Golden Globes was tabulated by the accounting firm of Earnest and Young and Putin.