2017 US Army All American Bowl

>>Friday Night Lights>>2017 US Army All American Bowl
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Cammeron Mattison:
Hello Guys, Coaches, players, cheerleaders, and sports fans. I am a Georgia native. From NorthSide Hospital. I attended 3 high schools and I'm only a sophomore . Two of the three high schools I attended had very gifted sport players, but they have numerous disadvantages. being that they're in the low-income neighborhood or go to low-income school they lack the recognition they deserve. I was apart of Towers High School Football team the summer of 2016. being that I never play football in my life they took me in as family and taught me the ritual and virtuals of the game. many of the players on the team are very gifted but they have no way of getting real recognition. if you have any time throughout the day please check out Towers High School Hudl in Decatur Georgia DeKalb County or go visit them. Check out Antonio Griggs and Zareeous don't really know how to spell his name also Adrian all three are class of 2019. Very talented leaders and smart young men. I'm currently at McNair High School on Bouldercrest rd. even though I never played football for this team I'm in class with someone the football players they are very passionate about the game I believe they can change the game i if they had opportunity to be recognize by coaches and Scouts. P.s just in case you wanted to know the third High School I attended was Cedar Grove High School great football program so they they are straight
Christon Gude:
Aye guys if you don't mind, go check out my varsity football highlights on Hudl 🏈. I'm a sophomore from a small town called Monticello in the state of Georgia, and im pursuising my mission to play football at the next level. I play both sides of the ball: Tight End & Linebacker. However, linebacker will be my primary position for my upcoming junior and senior seasons. You can find my hudl by typing in "Jamel Gude Hudl" on your google search engine. Your veiws count. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!
DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna:
They aint got names on the bac of the jerseys no more?
Devon Bracy:
Tate Martell🏈 glad to see he's going to be in my favorite teams Uniform
Justin Brown:
aaayyyyeeee Henry ruggs putting on for Lee high school and Montgomery let's get it
Ayee Cam Akers, my school played that nigga
Lara Martin:
OK you hosts on this program. ITS NOT CLEM ZEN.. Its ClemSON. Stop sayin it like idiots. CLEMSON! YOu would think yuns would have already learned that by now. ANNND its not Dabo Swin ney. Its SWEEEENY.
O'doyle Rules:
Why would tua be on the east team?
Red-C C-Smile:
the 2 best players in the game goin to FSU. fear the spear. Akers n Matthews.
Robert Lofthouse:
Why does God always get a mention?
Ryan Loy:
YOOO. Foster Sarell is a beast!
Scarlett O'hara:
I love, love, love Najee Harris!
Tahesha Whitaker:


Wish you were coming to Eugene Tua! Fuck Mark Helfrich!
Can you please upload one final game this year? Westlake (Austin) vs Liberty (Nevada). Here is the link. http://www.myspectrumsports.com/videos/2016/09/02/tx-westlake-vs--henderson-liberty--nv-  Thanks for all of the HSFB games!