Apollo Comedy Act Failure

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666P BLACK666:
Chris Patton:
Oh Lord Have Mercy, that was a crash and burn.
Genome Paranoia:
The Apollo ain't no joke man...that's where you gotta bring it.
Jose Soto:
this lady hung herself 6 months later and was found with an empty bottle of tequila and a crack pipe next to her.
Kasheem Mars:
Yooooooo Flexx was Doin tha Cabbage Patch Lol
Markas Flood:
Yep that was flex in the crowd.
Mister Happy:
"so how many people are married?"

Shackille Uh'Deal:
Did Sandman have the night off?
Shantee Haynes:
lmao, she just needed to go. I mean she hung in there longer than she needed to, constantly saying "listen up guys" like a teacher in the classroom
Sir Doc:
Why start in the middle of the act? start at the beginning so we can see why they were booing her to begin with. 
Something Orother:
were people supposed to laugh at that six pack joke? kill yourself
Tom Britton:
She knows she is on stage? why is she chewing gum.
Come on, audience, give her a chance.
Absolutely painful! This is probably worse than Doug Williams getting clowned by Jamie Foxx
zombie jesus:
aggggghhh fml I watched this too long

    The title explains it all LOL.