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Alex Bednar:
everyone who learns to play the guitar learns this timeless melody. great licks
Au Man:
Cathy Nunez:
I love John Denver a great of the music contry
Colonel Angus:
I spent summers in West Virginia as a kid, really takes me back love it
Cultural Marxist Watch:
No, it's NOT Denver singing backup. It sounds very much like Cass Elliot but it is not. It is likely the cowriter of the song and original backup singer of Denver's band "The Fat City" Taffy (Danoff) Nivert (who's notorious pitch problems likely got her booted) singing off stage as she and her husband Bill who is also credited as writer were being squeezed out so Denver could be a solo act ala The Supremes and Jackson Five. Show biz.
Cuntt Muffin:
he looks like a gelfling from the dark crystal lol
DylanTheFreakyDickassGamer1 *:
Damn I miss John Denver I wish I would of got to meet him every time i listen to leaving on a jet plane it makes me think of him its just sad that he passed away :(
...remember when "Midnight Special" TV was simulcast (in NYC area) on 95.5 FM?? Totally revolutionary & very cool!
Randal Angus:
Robert Leverett:
John Denver was a Great Singer of all times :)
Such a beautiful soul. God bless John Denver! Such a wonderful man.
Schlaki Schlak:
Henry John Deutschendorf - a german
Suraj Opinion is Never Better:
back-up singer sounds off key or something
Victoria Love:
I'd give anything for
1 day, 2 guitars, and John to myself. His voice taught me to sing.
West Winds:
after all this time I've noticed there's no one singing harmony with John here, I believe he's using what's called an #octaver on his voice for the harmonies, never seen one used so effectivly