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Alex Bednar:
everyone who learns to play the guitar learns this timeless melody. great licks
Au Man:
Colonel Angus:
I spent summers in West Virginia as a kid, really takes me back love it
Cuntt Muffin:
he looks like a gelfling from the dark crystal lol
DylanTheFreakyDickassGamer1 *:
Damn I miss John Denver I wish I would of got to meet him every time i listen to leaving on a jet plane it makes me think of him its just sad that he passed away :(
...remember when "Midnight Special" TV was simulcast (in NYC area) on 95.5 FM?? Totally revolutionary & very cool!
Mahrafin Khan Mrimmoy:
You are the great singer ever seen
Such a beautiful soul. God bless John Denver! Such a wonderful man.
Robert Leverett:
John Denver was a Great Singer of all times :)
Schlaki Schlak:
Henry John Deutschendorf - a german
Sergio Canalini:
La canzone più bella di John Denver é Country Roads perché ha del sentimento e mi colpisce al cuore. Ciao
Victoria Love:
I'd give anything for
1 day, 2 guitars, and John to myself. His voice taught me to sing.
West Winds:
after all this time I've noticed there's no one singing harmony with John here, I believe he's using what's called an #octaver on his voice for the harmonies, never seen one used so effectivly
calyx Whitener:
That's very sad he died at the plane crash
hook blieght:
its a golden time that sadly cant return,
our current politicians will see to it.
sad for a free nation