TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney blasts reporter using "Clemsoning" terminology

>>Tigernetdotcom>>TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney blasts reporter using "Clemsoning" terminology
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jounalist walked right in to that one
Buddi Baba:
Hold on, there's more to 'Clemson-ing' than just loosing unexpectedly to
un-ranked opponents. Clemson-ing is also shooting your mouth off before a
game about how you're gonna win the national title or how you should be
favored in the ratings instead of your opponents or how U. West Va, is just
a bunch of backward hillbillies or whatever and then blowing it and ending
up only winning the 'Golden Spatula Award' get all that egg off their
face's. Notice how Alabama kept their cool, didn't respond to all of
Clemsons trash talk and then used it in the game & walked away with the
National Title. Grow up Clemson!
Dr. Rich Cunningham:
I love Dabo. The media are muck rakers.
Gonz Wouldgo:
And this coach will be in Crimson and crimsoning at Alabama after Saban
retires. Crimsoning mean going 15-0.
Henry Young:
Dabo's acting like a SJW that got his feeling for using a "non-safe" word
What a little bitch.
Jackson Pace:
I kinda wish someone would ask him about Clemsoning now.
John Smith:
I came to watch this immediately after Clemson won the national
championship. It's epic!
Jordan Liles:
Clemson is currently Clemsoning against NC State in the 3rd quarter, but
they might pull it out and win.
Kevin Mac:
hard to argue a point like that. common sense.
Lester Nester:
Most epic rant ever. 2 thumbs up.
Micah Gaudio:
hell ya! give it to them Dabo!!!
Patrick Mosley:
Dabo: We've beaten them all. Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Notre
Dame, Auburn. But what about Bama?
Wes Gosnell:
ESPN's Dale Hales @** is still hurting from this.........
Clemsoning is alive and well. Just lost to Pitt in 2016. It's real!
jummy neww:
Clemson played nobody until the Tide whooped that ass!

    Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is tired of the term "Clemsoning" and lets Dale Hale of ESPN know about it.