Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 14-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle 2016

>>MARTIN ROMANIA>>Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 14-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle 2016
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David Baik:
Both got ugly jumpers. Just sayin
Ghetto LyleVlogs:
Melo doesn't dribble too much but he's a good finisher like Russell
Westbrook... Newman dribbles too much but also a good finisher like A.I
Im Ballin163:
Cmon dude we all know Julian Newman is better
Jaden Triolo:
Julian is overrated, he'll make it in streetball but not the nba. He's
cocky and arrogant and seems difficult to deal with and coaches will hate
that. If he does make the NBA, his attitude will overshadow his talent
(that is overrated and hyped up).
Jahmare Washington:
Julian better handling and lamelo got the shot
Jake Schulte:
SIT THE FUCK DOWN JULIAN!!!! This little pussy ain't got shit on melo!!!
Never even heard of the bitch
Julian Esquibel:
Julian Newman is spoo much better a lemolo because lamelo dis is layups.
Lucas Wilkeson:
Where's LaMelo's half court shot
Luke Ohlde:
Both cuz Lamelo can drive Julian is quicker
I'm taking Lemelo anyway just cause he is on track to be 6 ft
It's going to be sad when he finally realizes he's going to be short all
his life
Lamelo play on bigger crowds and his cooler than newman he have better
Instead of comparing these 2 players, how about we admire them and be happy
that we are living in a ear to watch them play
Newman is so small his layups look weird😂
i can see the resemblance with newman from derick rose just because the
explosiveness that they both implement on the game. lamelo's play style
resemblance steph curry for obvious reason. anyone else agree?

    Who is better?
Lamelo Ball is a 5-10, 140-pound Shooting Guard from Chino, CA. He has committed to UCLA Bruins.
Julian Newman is a 5-5, Point Guard from Orlando, FL , Downey Christian High School
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mktrWejsaZU