Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 14-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle

>>MARTIN ROMANIA>>Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 14-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle
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067 igd:
newman is better ball has nobody really sticking him👎
Absolutely Zero:
Newman is too short at this point, so LeMelo seems has better chance to be success.
Bob Jones:
Lamelo plays on a much bigger stage against better competition Julian Newman plays all ISO ball in his school's cafeteria
fr julian is straight trash compared to Lamelo don't even understand how you can even compare the two smh
Gianna Robertson:
Fuck Julian and his sister are both show offs and there short af and melo is the best if you said Julian then you wrong nigga
let's settle this... comment "J" if you think Julian is better, "L" if you think lamelo is better. most comments wins
If Julian Newman was taller he would be nasty!
Matthew Riggs:
Julian Newman looks like he associates with Weenie Hut Jrs
Rengar MC:
Newman vs LaMelo Ball

win is Julian
rip LaMelo Ball
tbh I thought julian is better but I knew the comments would be filled with laMelo fans but just let them play basketball the are kids let them be without people ranking them and fighting over whos best its actually kind of sad
Thediylife #1:
Lamelo ball is better he excepted to go to UCLA in middle school
Trafalgar D. Issho:
don't get it twisted Newman would probably drop me off but he ain't beating no lamelo 😂😂
Tyrell McWilliams:
They are both great players, also these comments full of musty ass hating grown men.
So your comparing a lottery pick to some scum piece of shit playing at the YMCA BRUH ok😑
iiking savage:
I mean jaden is fast and everything but lamelo HC is gonna stack up a lot of points I don't even think jaden got that much lamelo all the way!

    Who is better?
Lamelo Ball is a 6-3, 140-pound Shooting Guard from Chino, CA. He has committed to UCLA Bruins.
Julian Newman is a 5-6, Point Guard from Orlando, FL , Downey Christian High School
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mktrWejsaZU