Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 15-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle

>>MARTIN ROMANIA>>Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 15-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle
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31 41:
Julian does so many unnecessary things, while Lamelo is a smooth good basketball player
Aziel Sneed:
jayden newman better lavar ball i dont give a f*** what u say he is better than lamelo
Basketball Genius 4:
Know matter what anyone says............. Julian will always be better than LaMelo
Gucci Zeno:
If you think Lamelo is better than Julian, gtfo.
John Christian Paraiso:
on skill and shooter i supposed to go on Lamelo But coldness entertainment and aggressiveness i would go for newman
John Tran:
julian is straight trash. Got a shitty personality too. He about to work at taco bell
Jose Trejo:
Julian Newman has a better rang shotting and some dribble moves
Loco Hugo Vasquez:
isaac thomas pero derecho dale líke si es verdad
Marc Schaufler:
Landlords is amazing don't get me wrong but Julian Newman also plays in one of the hardest non high school team leagues in the country and this video is aterrible representation of his skill
Mason Durant:
lamelo is so much better than julian newman.
Rick Deckard:
Julian is more like Iverson i think.
Roast King:
2015: " Yo wtf this little nigga got handles bro" 2016/2017: Who we talkin bout?
Wal Mart:
If Newman doesn't grow 4 more inches atleast it's over, Better start taking them flinkstones gummies and stretching
ekram zulhendra:
julian newman is a phenom player but ithink lamelo ball i nt good player and i hatte lamelo ball
Both of these bitches can't play DEFENSE!! They are BALLHOGS!! Yo

    Who is better?
Lamelo Ball is a 6-3, 140-pound Shooting Guard from Chino, CA. He has committed to UCLA Bruins.
Julian Newman is a 5-6, Point Guard from Orlando, FL , Downey Christian High School
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mktrWejsaZU