Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - SKILLS Battle

>>MARTIN ROMANIA>>Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - SKILLS Battle
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Aiden Kirtley:
JULIAN NEWMAN IS TOO LITTLE AND HE PLAYS D3 lamely is the perfect size and plays d1 lamelo will go to the nba Julian won't make it to a real college he will play for community college it's facts
FlashLarsh23 _:
can’t wait to see them in a one on one game
Jorge Zuniga:
there no way that julian will be in the nba in what he in right now,and lamelo has a chance to be in the nba along with liangelo and of course lonzo is already in it
Kalavaso killer 88:
Lamelo is better than julian and bigger stronger
Kyondra Sanders:
I hate to say this but Lamelo vs Julian melo ganna win they had too triple team melo broke 2 of them shot a half cort nothing but net
Lourdie St-Eloi:
Lamelo ball shot just like me when i was in 4 year old
Nezira Jasarevic:
Jueliahne oldman release looks like he is aiming a bow and arrow hahaha and he looks ridiculous with his dumb moves
RC 45:
Julian makes it look hard but lemelo makes it look easy so I basicly think lemelo is better because he plays for the high leagues and Julian is the kid that plays for middle school
why would someone like lamelo... He doesn t pass to anyone and he just fails when shooting 3s but his dribbling is quite good at all while Newman is short for 17 yr old but still good
Robin Alexander - Roux:
Lamelo is way better than Julian
SuperSaiyanChris _2K:
Lamelo will play in Lithuania 🇱🇹 and his a point guard not shooting guard
carnesha Jackson:
Lemelo ball is better like if you agree
king james:
imam just say this but u have to look at lamelos back ground ok he lives in California and Julian lives in florida and one is a state that you can be known while the other one isn't so much much love Julian newman keep hard at it
splash brothers:
to be honest it is julian, sikeee lamelo is way better
yaya forlife:
Melo better at threes but Newman handles tied at layups

    Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball - 16-Year Old Stars - Skills Battle
Who is better?
Lamelo Ball is a 6-3, 140-pound Shooting Guard from Chino, CA. He has committed to UCLA Bruins.
Julian Newman is a 5-6, Point Guard from Orlando, FL , Downey Christian High School
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mktrWejsaZU