"Let It Go", from Frozen - Cover by CIMORELLI

>>Cimorelli>>"Let It Go", from Frozen - Cover by CIMORELLI
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Andreas Neumann:
Lady on the right side, will you marry me?
Awesome A:
Omg worst singing I have. Ever herd. I press 👎🏽
Ice Topman:
The guitar is wildly out of tune. First rule of performance: tune your instrument FFS!
The guitar ruins it. Too bad. The voices are nice. I’m sure they could do that a cappella. If your voices are a 9 and your guitar playing is a 2, why bring everything down by playing it? It’s not even tubed. Either that or it’s such a shitty guitar that it never sounds tuned. As I said the voices are nice and the girls are beautiful, too bad about the overall sound due to the guitar.
Lola Lawson:
omg laurens voice is my fave 💕 lovin it
I do like this version of Let it Go. To compare for me it's similar to the Gardiner Sisters version except that Dani who has the lower voice takes a big part. I really liked what she did on the song except at the end. I didn't figured out at first, but now it's clear, in the original interpretation (by Idina Menzel and even the one by Demi Lovato) the last note goes up but Dani took it down so for me it makes the song good at 99% because of that final note. Except that it's a wonderful cover.
Michele Martin:
i love frozen i have a DVD like that song let it go
Sniperz s:
Perfect nail it awsome girl it increíble
Tage Samuelsson:
I lvoe how happy Lisa looks in this video, like actual joy!
Trevor Barella:
i loved this song when i was a baby
Weash Catchlove:
ahh Lauren was so amazing 😵 💜
Zaki Dualeh:
The one who sings the cold never bothered me anyway can't sing sorry I love Amy the most 😂😁😁😁 plz watch and like 3:21
ankiras bhadri:
Lisa ..... lv ur sound and ur beautiful
radmila colic:
ชาญประดิษฐ์ รังษา:
I'm Tommy😄😄😍😍👍👍👍


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Hope you like our arrangement of Let It Go from the movie Frozen! Love love love this song!! :)

VINE - @Cimorelli