Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)

>>98.7 The Bull>>Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)
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Love CS. But prefer DR's version of this one.
BlackRose Michael Jackson Lover:
I love this version of the song better.
Cara Ann:
shocked, he was the writer behind all these hit songs and had all this talent.
Dalton Wynn:
Chris is the best thing to happen to country music in 20 years... he’s not another pop-country star, he is a true southern blues country man... were sure proud of him here in the Bluegrass
Dan Morgan:
Let's see...He's made a good living writing songs, and now he sings any of them live better than anyone. Damn it pisses me off how good he is!
Enriquez S.R:
I would use this version for my girlfriend if she left,but Dariou's made me cry
Evan Spencer:
So glad to finally see him get his due!
Iluta Zake:
:) Chris Stapleton ... ohhhhhh:D AMAAAAZIIINNNGG!!!
After hearing Chris sing, it makes sense that he wrote for Darius Rucker. A very good choice of singer for his type of soulful sound.
Lindsay R:
This was always one of my favorite songs since it was first released. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find it was written by Stapleton! He really rocks!
Lyric Leigh:
I actually didn't care for this song until he sang it.
Stacey Duncan:
I love this song. I have been a Darius Rucker fan since my early 20's. I am a huge fan of Chris Stapleton now. It makes sense that those two artists collaborated. This song just got a bit more soul. đź‘Ś
Thomas Taylor:
When he goes lower on the neck. What chord is that?
Tim Anspach:
How is he not the most famous musician alive!
I woke up again this morning (Saturday 11.18.17), wouldn't cha know I poured my own rain! Forget the burnt coffee, where the heck have I been!? This is my bad, come back post !! I can't believe it took me this long to discover CS. 46 yrs old, long live George Strait, KISS and I still miss Waylon. Here I am just now realizing the phenomenal talent of Chris Stapleton. My apologies to all the true music fans who didn't have wax in their ears all these years... headed to find CS show tickets right now (mic drop)!