Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)

>>98.7 The Bull>>Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)
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Bobby Brian:
Amazing, real singer , this man already top almost the all singers ever lived
Brent Schuler:
If you don't like Chris Stapleton then you are a commie
Charles Mikell:
The man was blessed with the talent to write AND sing. Great voice for that kind of music.
Corey Garrison:
I was having a bad day not anymore lol
Glenda Kauffman:
love it you singing and him too
Gun Broker:
Saw him with the Steeldrivers back in 08. Great show!
Lisa Blinn:
Such an incredible and underrated talent!  He deserves so much more attention than he receives as he is the real deal!!!
Rose Wright:
I could listen to you for hours and hours. You're soft on the ears.
Timothy Cipriani:
This guy is simply what music is all about.....natural god given talent.....the whole package....writing skills....excellent musician...and an incredible voice......Hands down one of the best to ever do it...
XxsniperElite 15:
Darius Rucker didn't write this song my mind is shattered
wait..burn a pot of coffee?!?!?!?!
listening to country music while gaming, this is my bad combat song :)
mik john:
I'll have to say; I always hated country music. But this guy! Fuck he can sing. I'm forever a fan
roz myatt:
This man is so tallented. Needs a hell of a lot more credit for what he creates in his voice and song writing.
zoose 00:
I fucking love Chris Stapletons voice! He's as real as it gets!