Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)

>>98.7 The Bull>>Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)
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Ben Ramirez:
I love how different this world is.
Eliane Burr:
I'm in love can't stop listening to the Man Chris Staplton
Kalique Vails:
Chris Stapleton your voice is beautiful
Michael St-Archangel:
This guy's pedigree of music reads like Bob Dylan's for folk. If it's a top 10 there's a fair chance he wrote it.
My wife and I discovered him thanks to a Dad singing Tennessee Whiskey in his van. We've been hooked since.
I would love to hear a co-authoring of Kris and Chris.
Nikolas Headden:
Chris Stapleton is the freaking man!! Amazing song writer and singer! My favorite country singer to date!! Amazing work Chris!
Sandra Parker:
If he's in concert it will certainly be my very first country concert. His voice is freaking awesome!!!!
Sheryl holtpay:
his humbleness and talent is exactly what my daughter needs.. Reality in a gentle way
T LeDrew:
Love this song and love this guys voice and writing..pure talent!
Uncle Bob:
just lookin. this would make me come back to country...this is the shit
When image is not everything ... so good
I heard this version first. I checked Darius Rucker. This is so much better than what was released.... šŸ˜
monique sexton:
I fucking love him! the best singer and song writer ever iĀ feel everyone of his songs reminds me of my they Ā brother both have so much talant
peter Abang:
Bad guy! What a singer!! He's awesome.
How do songwriters do it??Ā  Seriously.
sonoftaeper taeper:
Lol had the vid running alongside the audio from "answers"