Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)

>>98.7 The Bull>>Chris Stapleton - Comeback Song (Bing Lounge)
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Big Hugh from Poland !! real music love this !
Amy Voss:
Do an album with Darius!!! Please!! Two true musicians!!
Fits my mood, love Chris. But, gotta say he looks as if Zak Wylde turned country. :D
Bradley Laney:
Love his music and his skills as a guitarist. Legend
Derek Nunes:
Amazing artist looks like there is hope for music :)
Johnny Goforth:
much better than hootie ever thought about being.....
Justin Tamez:
He has saved country music! 👏👏👏
Lisa Stewart:
I love all his songs EVER ONE, they sound just like my Husband Thomas AKA Evil Jesus lol.
Paul Gonzalez:
I love this song I been tro something like this song😢
Found this song first, went and listened to the original and immediately came back here. This version is so much better!! Right in the feels.
Tate Zehr:
He reminds me of a modern day Gregg Allman
Chris singing it made me love this song! It was just meh to me before. He's amazing!
What a joy to listen to... a great singer and songwriter. Love his direct powerful delivery.
had trouble searching for this ... cause ... Bing. ;)
Wow I did not know this. This man wrote songs for has beens, are nows, and would be individuals, and now he is singing his own $hit. The millions could have been his. That is ok though, he writes and sings songs that attract millions of people with upbeat, classic/modern honkey tonk that jamey johnson hasnt quite reached yet.