"High School Reunion" -Gabriel Iglesias (exclusive bonus footage from "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy")

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"High School Reunion" -Gabriel Iglesias (exclusive bonus footage from "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy")
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Fluffy you need to come to Seattle
Bryan Ruelas:
"7!" and everyone was like "PUTA!" dead😂😂
Elias Ambriz:
Fluffy your my favorite comedian
Eve Adam:
your awesome, thanks for the pick me up!!! I hope I get to see you in
person one day.
Felipe Segura:
Gabriel Iglesias fucking halerous
Gabriel Bondad:
Best parts:

"Who's been on television? Some girl in the back, seven! Everybody's like,

"But you know what, it's ok! It's O, Let me go!!!"

"I kept my figure, why couldn't you?!!!!".
Izzy Soto:
"I see two girls in the crowd tonight... Who I asked out to prom in 12th
grade.... AND THEY SAID NO. *Sniff* But as she said I been on tv AND YOU

Someone yells " YOUR FAT TOO!"

Then he says "Yeah I was fat in high school. I kept my figure WHY couldn't
you?" 😂😂 I ❤️ this one. 😂
Jesus Luna:
Jim Fast:
I cept my shape and I'm over waght 9 and nine
When Gabriel was just laughing and he put his hand on his face, I bursted
out laughing
chara 24000:
jacquebrown 11:
the shade at the end 😂😂
jojo the loko mexican 93:
I like the part were every body says bich in mexican
nunya biznez:
I was 295 lbs when I graduated high school. The girl I had a crush on was
five feet and weighed about 95 lbs. Yes she was a cheerleader. Her name was
Jenny. There were 5 other Jenny's in my class. This Jenny was the pretty
one. The other one's were not unattractive, but this one was gorgeous.
Anyway's, I was the fat kid of course and had zero social life. I probably
wouldn't have minded so much but there was a lot of ridicule and the girl I
had a crush on at the end turned out to be the worst. The last few weeks of
my senior year were a living hell from all her vicious ridicule.

Well I moved 1500 miles away after graduation and I ended up losing a lot
of weight. I worked out and got into shape. I didn't want to go back for my
tenth reunion but my brother talked me into it. He was two years younger
and knew a lot of the same kids I knew. He told me that a lot of the kids
kept asking about me and he told them that I had lost a lot of weight. I
was down to 165 lbs at my reunion.

So I bought a new suit, I don't usually wear them but it was a semi formal
party. I walked in and nobody knew me. I hadn't seen one person in my class
in ten years. I'd been living 1500 miles away. So I gave my name and the
woman at the desk asked for I.D. She had a stunned look on her face when
she saw the name on my license. I had no idea who she was. Even though
there was only 180 kids in my graduating class, I didn't know half of them.
I was glad I brought my girlfriend with me. It gave me confidence. She was
quite pretty and was about 7 years younger than me. She looked like she was
still in high school. She had to show her I.D. to get her hand stamped for

So we took a seat at a table where I recognized two guys and they were the
only two I recognized. They had been like me in that they were picked on a
lot, one was bullied horribly due to a large mole on his face. The other
had been fat but not as fat as I had been. But at the reunion they both
sported Brooke's Bros. suits and both had pretty girls on their arms. One
was now a doctor and the other owned a Volvo dealership. So I sat down with
my girlfriend and chatted. I think one of the reasons I didn't recognize
many people was that there were a lot of fat people there and I don't
remember there being many fat people in our school besides me and my two
buddies at the table.

So half an hour into the shindig a huge woman comes waddling over. She was
easily 500+ lbs. She had a very short haircut. Let me describe her for you.
She looked like Gabriel's much fatter older brother, if he had one. She
would have been about 28 but looked more like 58. She had the same haircut
Gabriel has in this video. So imagine if Gabriel gained oh, about 250 lbs
and was 30 years older and was in drag. She started gushing over one of my
buddies saying how nice it was to see him after all these years. Now my
buddy and I have the same first name so that is what was on our name tags
of course, with our last initial. My last initial is B and his is M so it's
not easy to confuse us I don't think. But it turns out she thought my buddy
was me and was corrected and then turned her attention to me. Well her name
tag said Jenny but I'd be damned if I knew which one. None of them had been
fat that I remember. Well a while later I finally realized, it was the one
I had had a crush on for a couple of years in high school then turned
really mean at the end. She totally ignored my girlfriend and tried to
flirt with me, tried to brush off her behavior in high school. With every
word I I tightened my grip around my girlfriend's shoulder. I just politely
nodded and smiled hoping she would find an excuse to leave as her stench
was becoming overwhelming. Finally she did walk away. My two buddies asked
why I didn't say something to her after the way she had treated me in high
school, why I didn't tell her off or call her some of the names she had
called me when I was fat. "I don't have to say anything. Karma got even for

    Hey guys,
Here is a quick clip that you won't see in my special, it's only on my DVD "I'm Not Fat...I'm Fluffy and here on Youtube! :) Hope you enjoy it!

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