Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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Austin00BEAR Combs00:
One of the best country songs in eternity!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin Westra:
Quick question 1968 why was he not drafted? This is shit country FGL is pop music
Danny Flackjackson Allen:
as i listen to this tune a Sparrow Hawk flys over Head
Danny Shain:
Beautiful song. One of my favorites from FGL. Lyrics so damn, genuinely simple and yet so damn profound.
Esmeralda Gems:
This is The One country song that I will love love for all time! 😍
Gabe Thomas:
my cousin Cole Taylor wrote this song
Kara Paroda:
I'm from Ohio and it's not a great place to live. We have the highest heroin epidemic in the nation and the weather is terrible.
Katey Boner:
I love this song and this kinda country
Lillian Johnson:
whoever disliked needs to burn in heck!!!! This was beautiful....
Michelle Samarco:
What are they saying? I cant understand the words
Son's of Liberty:
My great grandparents born in 1889 and were farmers and had 11 children. they lived in Warrenton Va. They were the true red rose clay family. the youngest was born in 1926 he was the last one to die 2014.
You guys are my my favorite band ever if it wasn't for u I wouldn't even know what music is
Tecklah James:
Why is my neck dry? I didn't run or anything. Was jus sittin here watchin this clip. Why?
michael aguilar:
im a florida man my self mayo county,florida country baby
sin xgamings:
I wonder how Rose died in the music video like if u feel the same

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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