Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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Aaron Clark:
I don't understand why people say they only like old country, new country
is good too.
Alison Ocean-blue:
this song it may bring joy and love to you or some other people mite think
of it this way it is life
Brady Anderson:
I normally never listen to country except for Florida Georgia line I always
check the local country station to see if they are on but they never r
Chuck Jackson:
my fav song by Florida Georgia line this is some real shit
Corbyn Bartoletta:
you're awesome Florida Georgia Line
Hudsyn Burkholder:
At least there r more likes then dislikes!
Mariah Hodges:
Makes me cry every time I hear it.
Nina Welch:
Love your songs sooooooooooo much
Sneakie Dickens:
Trump! 🇺🇸🍻🇺🇸🍻🇺🇸
song brings a tear to my eye lol
Tinielle Hulme:
ttggggkkll111fggttyggg0 100000000000 the best way
Tj Clark:
YouTube is racist and won't play any fricking vevo,videos... WHAT just
cause I'm white don't mean I'm Ben Affleck
kenny drewior:
nevada Frost:
anyone else think that the intro was an ad
sophie lee:
I love this song its so emotional and true💕

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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