Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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How good is this band. they can make a heck of a good song about dirt. DIRT!!
Chase Cunningham:
I used to live in the country I feel the same way
Chris Proia:
One of the best country songs of the last few years. Great music video too. One of the only ones that can bring tears to my eyes every time
Dhyus Skelton:
I got some wild chills from that! It was sad, an emotional punch to the Gut....Forest Gump level of sadness Quality.
Ellie Urie:
got me on the floor crying. this reminds me of my ex. i wish i could take back all those things i said to u to make u leave. i wish i agreed with you. I'm sorry.
Fred Squires:
We all have something in common once in our lifetime we will be in the dirt.
Kailan Thomas:
what happened in the song dirt to the girl
Karen Hubbard:
i love my girl shes evrything i imagen
Makayla Kutil:
comment something about country songs that you love below
fuck i wana country girl but were i live theres nun but fat mexican burrito bitches black dora lookin bitches please helpp hmu on instagram
Opterix 2:
I love these types of songs they're not bad they shouldn't be hated on
Oscar Jr:
I love country music🎶 and yes I'm a Mexican
The only good Florida Georgia Line song.
I just received what it they mean by "Some day you'll return to it" am I stupid?!
"You know you came from it,and someday you'll return to it " 😢 missing my country ,my home town,my family and the farm life

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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