Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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Memories,things that makes us nostalagic
I'm serious memories hit me right in my feelings
Big Fishin:
listen to it over and over and over again, love it
Dakota Poynter:
This reminds me of growing up in KY. 😌
Faith Leal:
I cry almost every time I hear this song. I've grown up on that "dirt" it's so much more than a dirt road. I'm talking about the land the hard road make you go through. The silence of birds and air from the trees. No one understands unless you live there yourself. I love being in a town but I just want to go home to my "dirt " I love the view I get to see the dirt path and field it reveals. Even though I'm going to leave my dirt I know I will come back. no one will ever understand me but I have a feeling the red rose clay understands me if that makes sense. :")
Ikai. Woods:
I love. you. Florida georgia line.
Jac Carpenter:
You know you came from it, and one day you'll return to it.
James Browning:
songs like this but not downing it even lukey dookey not country it's pop
God Damn, this shit sucks. Hick-Pop.
Karen Sullivan:
I live in the city now, but I sure do miss the dirt.
O'MaryProductionz TM:
I'm here from that treehouse show
Preston Ford:
Florida an Georgia line dirt it my song
Savannah Thorne:
god I cry Everytime I watch this video :( lol
This song makes me think of my grandparents. They're both gone now, today's my grandpa's birthday and it's the first one since he's passed... on three days it'll be my grandma's birthday... it's been 10 years without her. I love this song but now it makes me cry.
Tyler Evans:
To reminds me about my girlfriend 😢😤
hawaii's chicken:
this song hits home... almost literally. hawaii has alot of red dirt

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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