Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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Carolina Marie:
I love F.G.Line but I do have to say that this one is my favorite one
Damien Harteis:
In honor of Jo Bubby Grandma Nonnie and others
Jackson Byrd:
Dudes a genius to get almost a hundred million views on a song about DIRT literally judt DIRT
Jessica Love:
Trees fallen away leaves coming down
John Rozak:
The world comes right to my window..even if it is broken
Jonathan Tristan:
In Jesus Name Bro Amen God knows this one hits that one spot everytime... Encouraging one No Doubt... Hard wrk will pay off i believe...since knee high by Gods grace i Love it!!!
Kathy Ford:
Brian should sing more solo he’s really good
Ms Londonlove:
This is perfect.. makes me feel sooo good.
Richmond Gonzales:
RIP Jorge Negapatan 1980 2014
Roxann Wallin:
that was beautiful I need to get God to drive me he's coming with me in the wheel Take the Wheel Lord with me I want to see that dirt country dirt
Ryan Keranen:
Growing up in a small town in northern Wisconsin,
this is how things were. God I miss how it used to be. Say NO to the over use of the phones. Get your kids outside!!
Sport Definiton TV:
this song should have more views...
Tim Janssen:
Man I love that song and video !
Willows Wisp:
Why does this remind me of fortnite?😂😂
mami Ruby:
I don't really listen to country... But.. damn..

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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