Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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Barbara Cunningham:
Arkansas Family Farm (Grandparents)! The world comes to my window!
Cheryl Deutschle:
if this song doesn't hit home to you then I don't know what to tell ya!
Cole Watson:
upchurch x fgl ... make it happen !!!!!
Dont Matter:
love this song i live n tx small ass town,.... :) love sum #FGL
James Sharp:
My name is James I'm African-American and I love this song I listen to Georgia Florida line's all the time
Johnmark Erwin:
I love you mom your favorite group rest in heaven
Joshua Fischer:
This is a bad ass song I don’t care what anybody says!
Nya G:
I am so dag gum crazy about this song.
Phillip Camper:
I was in jail in eastern kentucky the first time I heard this. I bet I heard it 45 times a day for those 16 days. I like it again.
Raco Moore:
To a awesome man in Oklahoma✌💕
Raziel Rabbit:
Cute song and video. The video matches the song.
big ounce:
thinking about my bro when i liveing in shadows
gilter kukush:
saludos para todos los ecuatorianos en el exterior
wendy b:
Boys Florida dirt i made front page Galveston tx
ชยพล จันทา:
คนไทยก็ฟังเพลงนี้นะครับ ♥

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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