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Angel Foulke:
This song reminds me of my ex. he dedicated a Florida Georgia Line song called Angel to me.
Bob Smeal:
country music changed so much but johnny cash ,hank god bless the true country souls
Chris Stewart:
one of the best songs I've ever heard. touched me on a whole other level
Crystal Swampy:
i love this song i miss my a lot. i love you dad i wish you were here.i love you.
Emma Mc:
I'm honestly expecting to soon see a movie from these boys, with Carrie, Garth, and sooooooo many others. It would be one of the best things ever. Why does practically every FGL song make me emotional!!
Hunter Zagorski:
That is sad that one died at birth i feel bad for you
Jimmie Walden:
This song, I don't care who you are either, finds its way to a spot inside you that pulls you into it. I'm not a big country music buff, but I know a great song when I hear it, and feel it.
Kayleigh Heeney:
My neighbor doesn't like this song
My neighbor got hit by a bus
I lost my bus licence

FGL forever!! Iltsm <333
#FloridaGeorgiaLineFanSinceDay1 #FloridaGeorgiaLineForLife
Monterey Paranormal Investigators:
My parents moved to Marionville Missouri 25 years ago. Mom passed in March, then my older brother in March. We had another brother that died at birth & another one hit by a car before I was born. I'm the only son left. I've decided to leave cali & move with Dad cause he's alone. This song makes me thing of our situation. There are two urns sitting in dad's room on his farm. I can't wait to get there next month. He's so lonely & needs me. he's 84 & I don't wanna leave him alone. I know we all die but it hurts so much. Dad & Mom were married 62 years. . . I sure miss her & my brothers.
Rifki Zas:
hmm, i love this setting , story and back ground. i never got this view or lifestyle in my country :( . oooh god, i wish somtimes i move to this video country sides
Scott Harvey:
Love you from this dirt... Love you
Tucker Miller:
I do miss the old days
and the old days were the best and I miss
jaylyn Griffin:
i cryed during this because i am emotional
lizzy stalnaker:
this is one of the only GOOD country bands left, not to mention that this should be the best country song in the world!!
pokejoker plays:
I'm not a big fan of country music but I like Florida gorgea line

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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