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Allison Hunter:
This reminds me of my Grandparents, my Grandpa used to ride his bike down to my Grandma's house and tell everyone "I'm gonna get that Mary Evelyn to marry me, you'll see!" a few years he proposed via a letter from Korea while deployed during the Korean war, they were married 50 years. miss you both, glad you're back together where you belong :) rest in peace, see you again someday.
Anna Calderaro-Defina:
I can't get enough of this beautiful and touching song.
Bryascrubz Coolwolf:
This is my favorite song it's sad REALLY sad
Cali 78:
How do u Thumbs down this video.... oh wait, there's white men prospering in it. Can't have that!
DerekScott Carlisle:
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Inder H. Singh:
I left farm when i was 17 and moved to city far far away.Every now and then i stop my car by a farm on way back to home.The smell of freshly plowed fields and bird noises reminds me my own little farm .Even though english is my second language and i need to turn subtitles to better understand the lyrics these songs sure reminds me every little thing i miss.
I hope to throw this suit away one day and buy a farm again .Love from canada
You know it was true love when he admitted he built the baseball diamond to close to the kitchen
Country music isn't really my thing but this isprettygood
Mac Piotrowski:
People from the north should stop complaining southerners are dumb stupid or idiots. We are not any of those things. My family is rednecks hillbillys and some really smart people. My town has cows fields and rednecks and hillbillys. We are smart. Think we're not try growing your own food. Try growing food for your entire state. It's not easy. You need a good education in math and science to become a farmer. Farmers are considered rednecks because there outside most of the time but stop complaining and live like an early human for a week. No wifi electricity and you grow your own food. Not easy huh? Stop complaining
Mary Wilson:
I love you so much all heart every day
Michael Dugan:
This is why country is the best it is so relatable
Penelope Velazquez:
This song makes me love the country life more never liked the city.! We're building our home now and this song makes every bite more special
Great Song!
Greetings from Kosovo
adam hood:
I just don't get why people hate on these guys, just cause they've got a little hip hop style??? Who gives a shit, they have songs you can party to, cry to, and just ride around to. I've loved everything they've ever done

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Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
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