Alabama Fan PUNCHES TV in Reaction to Loss to Clemson in National Championship Game

>>The Fumble>>Alabama Fan PUNCHES TV in Reaction to Loss to Clemson in National Championship Game
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Adam R:
Whats with the makeup on the eyes
Eric Harper:
Dude clearly hits his wife too. Like all 'bama fans, classless.
Ethan Hill:
I side with the fan. Appears he is diagramming the "pick play" before or
while it occurs. He knows football. TVs aren't gold. I'd buy him a beer.
EvanT 05:
This person looks like she's 70
"You broke the tv now nobody can watch it" THERES ONLY 1 SECOND LEFT
LMFAO take that you inbred fucks
John B:
Hey, the 80s called, they want they're hair back
Jonny Grawburg:
hahahahahaha bama lost hell yeah baby
Kameron Rusk:
Ha about time clemson put alabama in their place
bama fans lol every single one of em are loosers.
Realray Roblox and more:
Is this person new i have never seen her before
ur makeup looks fucking terrible u look like a clown
Woody German:
She says she is an "intense sports fan" and then she says "I'd hate to see
what he'd do if his team got crushed in a blowout"?
Yeah, she's a sports fan like I'm the Pope.
Oh btw "Go Tigers"!!!
lela T:
it wasnt a 240 hertz samsung that would be a crime.
He lives in Greenbow AlaBAMA!

    It's a shame when your favorite team loses the biggest game of the year. Some fans lose their minds. THIS guy lost a perfectly good TV thanks to the Alabama Crimson Tide's loss to the Clemson Tigers in the NCAA Football National Championship game. His family looked on as he was unable to keep his emotions in check, and now no one can binge watch Stranger Things.


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