Derek Cate & daughter Hailey singing Highway Don't Care

>>Eugene Miller>>Derek Cate & daughter Hailey singing Highway Don't Care
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Abigail Fritz:
Wow u guys r awesome!! Keep it up
Alex Kubin:
Это вторая моя любимая)Какие вы здесь умнички и всегда вы были ими)Ваша Лиличка
Amber winters:
what about the song the black by asking alexandria?
Dawson Is Cool right:
you guys are so good that should be on the radio
FooFoo ferrazza:
wow....i mean wow go girl! and guy... your.....AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geraldine Sheehy:
love this song bring me bk ta one i had and i can i can go on wit out him live with out him x
Jessika Gobeil:
I lové Derek cate!!! 👏🏻🎼🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Jéssica Soares:
Que vozes mais lindas! Serenidade...
Lilyana Devries:
Thus is sooo good OMG I'm telling my friends about you to. Great job awesome singing
Rob Williams:
Oh Wow! Have not checked in on Derek and Hailey for a long time - (as this comment shows!). She's really grown up! And this was two years ago! Hehe... Damn I'm getting old.... She's gonna be a star Derek, careful! hehe.
Sherry Leal:
Derek you have an amazing voice and your daughter is really good as well
Teresa Posey:
love ya man. Your singing is awesome and so is you guitar playing.You have a beautifull daughter and family and i sit here at night listening to all the things that you do. If youre ever in florida look me up.Would love to talk and play guitar with you and my friends.Email me at romeoforever88dj@aol .com if your ever in north central florida..Love what you do and your passion that you put into it.Your at home here anytime you would like to come bye.Keep up the the good work that you are doing.
olivier marco:
depuis le début je vous suit je vous adorre
smelly finger:
seen few vids, still can't get over how good they are, breathtaking
Аня Терентьева:
it is amazing,i can listen it all time

    Video Filmed April 19, 2014
Derek Cate & daughter Hailey featuring Highway Don't Care by "Tim McGraw ft Taylor Swift"