Derek Cate & daughter Hailey singing Highway Don't Care

>>Eugene Miller>>Derek Cate & daughter Hailey singing Highway Don't Care
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Abigail Fritz:
Wow u guys r awesome!! Keep it up
Alex Kubin:
Это вторая моя любимая)Какие вы здесь умнички и всегда вы были ими)Ваша
Amber Greer:
what about the song the black by asking alexandria?
FooFoo ferrazza:
wow....i mean wow go girl! and guy... your.....AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geraldine Sheehy:
love this song bring me bk ta one i had and i can i can go on wit out him
live with out him x
Jessika Gobeil:
I lové Derek cate!!! 👏🏻🎼🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Jéssica Soares:
Que vozes mais lindas! Serenidade...
Lilyana Devries:
Thus is sooo good OMG I'm telling my friends about you to. Great job
awesome singing
Mr.MyNamesJeff Dawson.k:
you guys are so good that should be on the radio
Rob Williams:
Oh Wow! Have not checked in on Derek and Hailey for a long time - (as this
comment shows!). She's really grown up! And this was two years ago! Hehe...
Damn I'm getting old.... She's gonna be a star Derek, careful! hehe.
Sherry Leal:
Derek you have an amazing voice and your daughter is really good as well
Tammy Russell:
absolutely amazing!! bravo to both
olivier marco:
depuis le début je vous suit je vous adorre
smelly finger:
seen few vids, still can't get over how good they are, breathtaking
Аня Терентьева:
it is amazing,i can listen it all time

    Video Filmed April 19, 2014
Derek Cate & daughter Hailey featuring Highway Don't Care by "Tim McGraw ft Taylor Swift"