Zac Brown Band - As She's Walking Away

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - As She's Walking Away
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Alonso Zuñiga:
Wena sapo re kl le pones dms talento kl
Atthar Ibrah:
2018 and i still listening this music
Biff Pietro:
Now im fallin shes walking away...shit! smilin
Chef Boyardee:
Remember watching this on CMT years ago
Dyego Almeida:
Uma das melhores canções que já ouvi
Jorge Garcia:
Neta! soy el unico mexicano a quien le gusta la musica country??
LUTA'Z Luta:
wish I be there one day to guide my son
Leafs Nation:
Alan Jackson's line "you might fall down on your face roll the dice and have some faith" got me a girlfriend just thought of this song before i ask her
Lilly Forsyth:
This brings back good old memories.
Majestik Møøse:
All i want is an Alan Jackson mustache
Ryne Sutherly:
Kids make fun of me all the time
for listening to country and I just say well F**** you I'm going to listen to what ever I want to because it's America and we have our rights to enjoy the love of Country
TheGamingSeaDragon SeaDragon:
i swear every country singer sound like luke bryan
Tina Morgan:
Wow how did I miss this song. Being from Tennessee u would think I would know my country music and I thought I did. Apparently not. I never heard this one and I have to say I love it not to mention old Alans in it wow guys great job. Thanks Zac for posting this or whoever did. I really enjoyed it. Its so true if you really listen to it.
Whatever Nothing:
Your very mean for what you said just because his fat get a fucking life
I hate listening to country it’s the only genre that makes me aware of how fast time flies one second your in a drive in movie with your family and they’re talking about what 2010 will be called
Next your falling in love and making mistakes that everyone but you can forgive.
3years ago met a amazing girl ruined it been nearly a year because I was afraid of commitment and anxiety took over.
In 8 years I’ve fallen in love felt regret and been at the highest and lowest I’ve ever been in life worst part is I’m only 20 😂

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Zac Brown Band feat. Alan Jackson