3 Drills To Improve Shooting Arc: Basketball Shooting Drills

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Christian J.:
My arc is straight but not far enough to hit the rim..it airballs
Frags Hoops:
My coach said I have a clown shot and it went high in the air so I put it down. Now I realize why I'm missing more shots with the low arc. Looks like my coach was wrong
Gabriel Romero:
Yes there is, for the last one. You can throw the ball real hard on the floor lol jk just messing thx for the vid my arc literly went below the rim now my arc is getting up there
Hood Nigga Goku:
People be saying my jump shot looks like a thrust fuck,And i don't know how to fix it i mean i make it but my form is kinda ugly.
Jerry Yang:
sir, you taught me how to shoot higher arc, but you didn''t tell me the perfect arc.
Luca-Sebastien Barret:
Actually, the more arc your shot has doesn't mean the higher chance it has of going in; for a low arc, it's harder to judge how high the ball needs to go, but for a high arc, it's harder to judge how far the ball needs to go. The best arc possible (obviously that doesn't mean you should change your arc) is a 90° arc. That means that if you drew a line from the center of the rimb to your set point, your shot should create a 45° angle with that line. Your shot's arc degrees is always twice as much as your shot's angle degrees. For example, a 90° shot will end up with a 180° arc, where the ball comes straight back down. A 0° shot makes a 0° arc, actually it's more than 0° but it's less than 0 compared to the basket. A 180° shot is a backward 0° shot, ending up with the same thing, a 360° arc, basically 0° but backwards... Now That's not always true because your set point is not on the ground and the basket is higher than your set point... So your 45° shot will be a little bit more than 45° compared the the ground, or the perpendicular of the direction of gravity. I don't know if that made any sense, but a 45° shot for a 90° arc is the perfect balance between distance amd height. But, that's not accounting for the third dimension, left or right, but that has to do with your body alignment...
M.Kavya shree:
Wouldnt that jump and turning be a violation
Michael Keating:
why is a guy with a ugly ass shot trying to teach people how to shoot.
Rahul aka RJ:
Best video ever! With these steps, I have been able to shoot more 3-pointers in games, before I couldn't shoot a single 3, but after this video I became a god like Collin...The G.O.A.T!
Savage Life:
Rotation of the ball when you shoot
Stphen Curry:
Do Anthony Davis shooting arc and foot placement
Tristan Johnson:
Thanks u are god for help me for shooting
I always watch your videos before my games and i constantly drop over 20
manjeet singh:
I liked u r shoes
Will u give me?
Can you just shoot the ball for me?  I can't hit the broad side of a barn.

    3 Drills To Improve Shooting Arc: Basketball Shooting Drills
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Today I wanted to give you guys a real treat! I'm giving you exclusive access to 3 drills to improve your shooting arc! Shooting arc is hugely important to making more shots. Make sure to listen to these tips and implement them into your own game TODAY!

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