Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots

>>JonPardiVEVO>>Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots
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Adam Erickson:
I love this guy's voice he is so awesome
Aimee Lindsay:
This song makes me so happy even tho I'm single 😂
Comander Mcgarrett:
The guy with the girl looks like max that works with diablo formula racing on street speed717
Crafty Carys:
Ok so how I heard this song is I was staying at a campground with my best friend and me and her brother were dating and when we were at the pool he was lounging on a chair and I was on my towel and then all the sudden that song played and his eyes caught mine and then he told down his sunglass at me and then I got in the pool and he was looking at me this was our love song😂
Daniel Medellin:
This song reminds me of my ex P.V:/
JJAC Gamon:
{Sigh} This Song Reminds Me Of My Uncle And Grandpa. One died of age. Second. Sickness. Thank You For Making Such A Memory to me. It's not to be mean. I was just crying so had those days. This Song Reminded me of them both. This was a great Pardi. Great Job. Miss Yah Uncle and grandpa. Mwah 💋.
Joris Popplin:
just heard this for the first time dancing at my best friends wedding!! it's a sweet song!
Lance Peterson Sr:
best song in awhile loving it our song
Leann Cortez:
spin u round on some old dance floor💃💃💃im head over 👢 for uuuuu 🎶🎶🎶
Leonard Fox:
ohhhya great song want to send to the smashing looking rez girl across from that dance floor 💕💕💕👍
Linnea Beierly:
love this love of 9 years just played it for me💝💝💝 still melt over him😰✌
Bae told me this song describes everything he feels about us. Now I can't stop listening to it 🙈
Peachesfan .biscuit1:
this is a feel good song ,,,lets dance
Rhonda Boncutter:
I have had 2 great loves in my life, both have passed on, I love my life and my memories! God has blessed me!
I listen to this song all the time

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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Head Over Boots. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville