Chino Hills vs TALLEST PLAYER IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Chino Hills vs Pleasant Grove Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Chino Hills vs TALLEST PLAYER IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Chino Hills vs Pleasant Grove Full Highlights!
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Anarchy 21:
Lamelo isn’t gonna make to the NBA he trash
Ayyan Ali:
Pleasant park + greasy grove = pleasant grove
Cheesecake BEATSS:
Why does melo pull up from almost mid court at the start of every game?
David Koch:
Clickbait there are two taller dip
DespacitoGamer 73:
Chino hills’ offense gives me cancer
Isaac Davidson:
0:22 bruh the game just started why you shooting half court shot with a full shot clock. like what are you doing.
Btw the talkest is actually ribert bobroski hes 7'7 get ur facts right
Jayson Link:
boi dey trash as hell. dats trnovrs than in points in 30 seconds
Joe D.oreo:
lil ball douche fucking takes a 35 ft shot the first second of the game and misses.... sounds about right
Joshua Posadas:
Who noticed that Lamelo double dribbled at 4:10
Lance Rawls:
11:45 he just dared him to go up and then completely consumed his shot
Nba Mixes:
vikings trash they shoot but cant make open layups and floaters
darkest k3llz:
Tall dude looks scared to touch the ball
jaret hill:
Shit liangelo cherry pick as much as melo
wawnton childd:
Pleasant grove is trash, period

    Here are full highlights from Chino Hills' 50th straight victory over Pleasant Grove and 7'5" sophomore Matthew Van Komen at the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational! LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball got hot from downtown and the game turned into a blowout real fast. However, Pleasant Grove never game up and had some nice runs but in the Chino Hills still came up on top. 7'5" Matthew Van Komen finished with 20 points and 20 rebounds for Pleasant Grove.

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