Chino Hills vs TALLEST PLAYER IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Chino Hills vs Pleasant Grove Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Chino Hills vs TALLEST PLAYER IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Chino Hills vs Pleasant Grove Full Highlights!
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Aaron Frederick:
Melo has a nice jumper but those Ball kids can’t play defense for shit
Aivery Haynesworth:
The tallest person in high school is 7ft7
Camren Logan:
How did they get N’golo Kante as a ref wtf 😂
Dawson Bordelon:
He's not the tallest there's a 7'7 sophomore and still expected to grow
Dragster Boy:
This is the most entertaining basketball game I’ve ever seen
Dxdyyy Cody:
He’s not the tallest player by the way
Hack Nation:
that ain't the tallest player in highshool,the real one is 7'7
Jacob Bowman:
Not talkest the tallest is 7’7
Jake Lemcke:
They have a short kid and a tall kid, good mix
1st how did a 7"5 nigga miss all those lay ups 2nd how he lose jump Ball
Sam Theman:
Dude no way I now the giant I live in pleasant grove so I see him play a lot #Utah
Sam White:
Tip off... 5 seconds into the game Ball trys a half court shot... someone kill this cunt
Senòr Chanćĺá:
Lol the tallest high school player is 7"7
TheyComing2Clash 2:
That number 44 kid is trash tho
I love watching your vids but are you recording like 15fps lol

    Here are full highlights from Chino Hills' 50th straight victory over Pleasant Grove and 7'5" sophomore Matthew Van Komen at the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational! LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball got hot from downtown and the game turned into a blowout real fast. However, Pleasant Grove never game up and had some nice runs but in the Chino Hills still came up on top. 7'5" Matthew Van Komen finished with 20 points and 20 rebounds for Pleasant Grove.

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