LaMelo Ball vs. Elijah Hardy!!! 2 ELITE Point Guards BATTLE

>>PassportplayasTV>>LaMelo Ball vs. Elijah Hardy!!! 2 ELITE Point Guards BATTLE
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Daniel Brennan:
Lowkey such a good pass at 0:19
both team have no defense. how the hell is there 3 guys around 1 guy n he runs through the paint like nothing n makes a layup? lmao literally thats all i saw. watch this video again n u will literally see defenders just move out of the way n watch the guys shoot the ball..
Ere Plays:
If You are LaMeLo Ball's Fan Like.
Jake Higgins:
Offence wins games defence wins championships so idk what they r doing
Anybody know what shoes Melo is wearing ????????????????????????????????
Jeff Duvall:
People who say Lamelo Ball has no D need to be quiet! He has straight defense! And he is an offensive asset anyways!
Juice Boy:
I'd be an elite point guard too if no one played D like thos
Logan Bissett:
He's getting too much attention. He's a sophomore in high school and he already has dedicated fans and haters... wtf. Wait until he's in college to form your opinions.
Martin Silang:
Y'all got to shut the fuck up about the whole " NO DEFENCE" thing. They're playing their own style of basketball and it works. Don't fix what isn't broken. BEST OFFENCE IS A GOOD DEFENCE AS WELL
So did Bishop Gorman beat Chino?
We were there COURTSIDE for the Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy game... MUST SEE!!!
Smile Back:
why does it look like they dont play defense?
Travis Warren:
they cherry pick like crazy
ones fat and the other has horrible form
the oldest was the best IMO and probably the only one to go to the NBA
Vinny Smoove:
my lil bro LaMelo best pg in highschool basketball.
bryan suarez:
who saw Shabazz muhammeds name on the player of the year thing at 1:13


Chino Hills vs Bishop O'Dowd
Eli Scott was a MONSTER with 21 points and 19 rebounds. LiAngelo Ball had 22 points and LaMelo Ball put in 20. Leading scorer for Bishop O’Dowd was BJ Shaw with 26 points.