Darius Rucker sings "Let Her Cry" in KFDI Studios

>>KFDICOUNTRY>>Darius Rucker sings "Let Her Cry" in KFDI Studios
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Adam Hocking:
Effortless Perfection. What a star.
Brad Benjamin:
Christ, wtf is she saying? Darius, come West, Sir.
Carlos Garcia:
This is the very first song I heard of Hootie and the Blowfish back in 1996 while attending Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course in San Antonio, TX. Needles to say, it brings so many sweet memories.
Chuck Jones:
Dude has so much talent it's unreal
Daron Hornbeek:
SHEESH, At 3:05, some random dude walking by the studio completely oblivious to the fact that Darius Rucker is laying down a stone groove right behind that door, and doesn't think to take a moment to listen, its like wake up Dude!!!, LOL!!!
Dylan Heckman:
Brings me chill everytime i hear this song such a powerful voice daruis has :)
Ethan Daniel:
Glad he shares my option of the new Journey. It's not the same without Steve Perry.
I notice he always sings Michael Stipes now instead of just Stipes. Because people don't know proper music.
Melissa McCain Brown:
I am bipolar and this song describes me and what my husband goes thru. difficult life, but I'm able to fight the fight with inspiring songs like this one, she talks to angels, meet Virginia. Bipolar life is hard. Thk u Darius for this gift of song.
Muhammad Hadzron Mahdi:
Incredible song..amazing voice..he makes singing looks easy..
dad's the one I love the most, michael stipes not far behind
R.P. McMurphy:
All the people complaining about her talking....Shes doing an interview...I like to hear the answers to her questions...
Spencer Davis:
wow what an amazing voice. so captivating, you just can't help but listen
Stephen Cunningham:
Mr Rucker whats up ? I thought I owned this song my Ex Wife got paid to leave me for calling this song out do you know how many songs I lived because of this movie
Stephen Reddish:
Darius Rucker is awesome dude can sing

    Darius Rucker visted the KFDI studios on May 6, 2008. Here's him singing the Hootie and the Blowfish hit "Let Her Cry"