Darius Rucker sings "Let Her Cry" in KFDI Studios

>>KFDICOUNTRY>>Darius Rucker sings "Let Her Cry" in KFDI Studios
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Adam Hocking:
Effortless Perfection. What a star.
Brad Benjamin:
Christ, wtf is she saying? Darius, come West, Sir.
Cameron Topinka:
KFDI that's Kansas bitches! Rock and Roll
Daron Hornbeek:
SHEESH, At 3:05, some random dude walking by the studio completely oblivious to the fact that Darius Rucker is laying down a stone groove right behind that door, and doesn't think to take a moment to listen, its like wake up Dude!!!, LOL!!!
Dylan Heckman:
Brings me chill everytime i hear this song such a powerful voice daruis has :)
JT Live:
Checkout my cover of Let Her Cry at
and let me know how you like it!
K B:
Some of the best music ever came from him awesome
KingAverage 1990:
The world ain't ending so get up, get going and move on.
Marc W:
I love Darius hes so awesome!!
Michael Miller:
Darius Rucker awesome song. Mr. Rucker is multi talented, musical genius. God bless you Mr. Rucker.
Muhammad Hadzron Mahdi:
Incredible song..amazing voice..he makes singing looks easy..
dad's the one I love the most, michael stipes not far behind
R.P. McMurphy:
All the people complaining about her talking....Shes doing an interview...I like to hear the answers to her questions...
Spencer Davis:
wow what an amazing voice. so captivating, you just can't help but listen
The Creeper:
So much effort , sounds friggin terrible

    Darius Rucker visted the KFDI studios on May 6, 2008. Here's him singing the Hootie and the Blowfish hit "Let Her Cry"