Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)

>>Atlantic Records>>Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)
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Beasy 0207:
Im in a funk and this song fit. God I miss this music
Blu Rodriguez:
He has the voice of an angel 😩😩💍💍
Brad Smith:
if you love the 80s and 90s, move to Chile. Even just going to the supermarket is an aural treat here.
Brittney Bennett:
Hootie and the Blowfish....so beautiful! His voice just sinks right into your chest and unlocks all this emotion. Truly a thing of beauty, will never lose its power.
Carrie Carpenter:
I went through some hard things in my life lost my kids my husband through me out I turned to drugs cried a lot was so depressed listened to this song over and over 2 years later I'm clean and home with my husband and happy still cry to this song well that's my story
Charles Norris:
My wife , Donna , passed away from cancer in 2009 , really miss bad , haven't been right since . Charles , 404-707-1284 !
Beautiful lyrics, music, message, simplicity, and passion will define this song...
Donnie Haymon:
charile Daniels does a good version of this too,darius sings with him on the track always been one of my favorite songs they ever done heard this all through high school way back in the'90's
Joey Delgaudio:
I love you hootie aka darius rucker I have been a fan of yours since I was 10 years old and I have your albums cds
Loretta godoy:
song was in my mind all weekend
Matt Castle II:
Inspring the way a girl looking for some places and friends to comfort, she's hard, but nearly an adventurer. Just make your self a thrill!
Robin Koschnick:
This for me is one of My all Time Favorite songs ,,, for years i was hooked on Drugs ,, they set me free so i would for a while forget my childhood ,, And I had a Boyfriend that was there for me ,, And when the sun came up the next day he let me in !!!
Stevie St. James:
This always makes me cry when I was little my dad and I would sing this while he was boozin n I played with his life size gumby . Rip dad 💕
TheHighStreetTv C Love:
i grew up to you guys.i love your music.inspired me to find my artistry
shelly majors:
No matter what lamp post nothing easys all this pain this time. I am fighting depression so bad feel like I not going to be able to speak soon. I feel like I going to try bit nothing moves eyed lips nothing. God I just close myself up no ones knows. Until I get like this but I never been this bad

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Let Her Cry (Video)