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Annemarie Altomonte:
@scottied67 ... just how i've been as of late.
Belgutei Boldbaatar:
FRIENDS brought me here. I loved it
Bruce Banner:
I remember hearing this song for the first time on our school bus and we were all betting whether he was black or white lol
This is almost better than his Tender Crisp Bacon cheddar ranch song.
Gazz Dean:
The adverts are so bloody loud.
Glenda Kauffman:
still love your music and the oldies..dog gone guess i'm there too. ughh...
Jeff King:
I love this song. Hard to come up with a more genuine verse every time. Kudos D. Stay real. The world loves you always. You made it all happen for us. And I look up to you for that. Please watch out for us when you meet God. Pretty please guide us to heaven. Yeah <3 Love ya, man.
And never forget to let her cry.
Jim Bronson:
Jim Bronson ..I will always Love you! you help me grow. i am not at my best yet, but let me be a big girl. I still need you around the kids do to. please don't push us away. I hope u can see past this. YOU are the Best at everything u do. I want you to know you are my BesFriend.Always! so keep doing you cause u one hella of a man with the biggest heart I ever met!!😘 we got blessed with you just know u are a Cordoba Bronson!
Karen Mcgregor:
I remember my best friend Brian telling me that this song reminded him so much of me and always brings tears to my eyes now that he is gone Love you Brian ......Karen xoxo
Kathleen Calcagno:
That's what my husband says to me and it's him leaving and missing all the time and just lets me cry
Pamela Bendele:
Here's some more sad songs for your list: "I will always Love You", "Nights in White Satin, "Two out of Three Ain't Bad", "Wildfire", "Honey", "The Wreck of the Edmond Fisgerald", "Jackie Brown", "Scarborough Fair", and that song about the boy wanting to buy his dieing mother some Christmas Shoes.
Valeshia Lloyd:
i miss the 90s too and i miss hootie and the blowfish i miss when songs used to make sense now all we have these new songs with no meaning or understanding anymore thats why i love the 80s and 90s songs and one more thing the lead singer is from my home state which is charleston south carolina
Darius Rucker has the voice of an angel
carla henderson:
song writing in the 90s was epic!
gimmieah beer:
Why is the 2000s so terrible I hate it now days I miss the 90s best years of my entire life it's not getting better ethier


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Let Her Cry (Video)