Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)

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Always, Jenna:
This is quite a beautiful song. I’ll have to listen to it more to get used to it since this isn’t the kind of genre I’m used to but I can tell it’s very touching. Definitely emotional. And this leads me onto the topic of music of today. I’m not going to be a pessimistic person and say that all of the music sucks and that kids aka me don’t know what we’re listening to. That’s so not true. Frankly, I haven’t listened to the radio in months. Maybe in two years. I have no fucking idea what’s popular in my culture. But I can assure you that songs that personally speak to me such as Candour by Neck Deep, Pine by Basement, Wolfman by The Front Bottoms, The Camera Turns by Born Without Bones, and more touch me just as emotionally as this. There IS powerful emotional substance in music still. You just have to find it. I’m so tired of the older generations complaining and categorizing every single teen into some brain washed group that idolizes songs on the radio. Yes, a majority of my peers get down to suckish rap and overplayed pop songs with nothing to it but that’s their choice. I know rap speaks to people but that is all their own doing. But I am not involved in that. There is great music today. It may not be popular but it is there and should not be totally disregarded. Trust me, listen to those songs I recommended. They’re awesome. They won’t be for everyone but they speak for my youth and my teenage hears that are still progressing. And yes I absolutely adore 90s music and will always listen to this and adore it and feel weirdly nostalgic but there IS hope in today’s music. Just LOOK. Thank you sorry for the long spiel
Faith Lauder:
Darius Rucker, man... Such a voice.
Gemini Lee:
oh how this songs explains my life
Genesis Track:
who hurt you hootie......who hurt you.....
Kayloni Kirk:
I love hootie & the blowfish ❤️ it was my childhood I’m 25. I’m an old soul though.
LeeAnn Weiss:
my mama...please stop drinking... :"( I love you so much. and I don't want to lose you
MR Mesteth:
One of thee best songs he ever sang & the band is right on tune!! Great song!! All time favorite...still feel every emotional when I hear this.
Perry Bennett:
Thank you for the memories Canada 🕉
Robert Morales:
dedicated to my grandpa. One of his favorites RIP grandpa.😭😭😭
Wil Ts:
Where can I find this type of music?
Yara Hijazi:
Im here bcz of an episode in Friends, season 2 episode 5
Zen Jon:
True story: I was going through a beak up and wondering though an empty hardware store when business was slow; I was seeing the items but not looking at them and wondering what to do...then this song came on
Why is this black guy lip synching this??
marko mandic:
why does this has so many views?never heard of them.is it cos they are black ? not saying its bad music i kind of dig it
For anyone interested... I read that Hootie and the Blowfish play 2 shows in August every year in South Carolina. Tickets sell out almost immediately. But Darius confirmed some day, that Hootie and the Blowfish will do a reunion tour. That is one concert absolutely worth seeing.

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Let Her Cry (Video)