Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)

>>Atlantic Records>>Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)
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Bethany Cameron:
no one cares about child support payments on this channel
David Cook:
Been listening to this song 20 years and it'll never get old. I love the lyrics and the sadness that can sometimes grip us all when it feels like things will never change
E Espinoza:
"Let her cry"! If only everyone understood that!
did not know a niger could sing like that go bro .
Kevin Orr:
Great song,band and this came out in 94.
Kimberly Rothgeb:
I love this song always have since I was a little girl.. reminds me of my daddy😍
Leslie Connor:
all yall youngsters talking bout wanting 90's music back......sha baby. ...yall have no clue 80's was THE BOMB
Marco Antônio:
Crowley indicated and I approved!!!!
Marena Green:
"let her go let her walk right out on me"
Mike Mindelis:
the singer looks like Kanye but more talented
Ryan Barchman:
I was born the year this song came out. Wayyyy better than anything my friends are into.
Selma James:
follow seclema on Twitter @seclem
Tom Canfield:
darius you are the man thank you
kuruk Wachinksapa:
the nineties no technology no cell phones no social media no internet you actually had to talk to a girl in person to get her to go out with you
i always thought it was a white guy till i saw the video

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Let Her Cry (Video)