Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)

>>Atlantic Records>>Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Video)
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Lol classic,13 14 when I heard this,happy days gone but music there for memories
Amy Donahue:
I just love his voice and this music!
Bamboozarr Design:
If Hootie and the Blowfish were discovered today (2017) they would be considered Country. Darius Rucker hasn't changed his musical style at all, In fact, 25 years of musical evolution is the reason Darius is labeled a country singer. if you listen closely to 'Wagon Wheel, started by Bob Dylan over 40 years ago and completed by Ketch Secor, and listen to classic 80's & 90's Hootie, the music is the same by comparison. Either way he will always be Hootie to me. I miss the 80's. Damn I'm getting old
Ben Strubel:
I recently got into him and his band
Carlton Bussey:
woe I am so grateful that the Internet allows everything this be stored forever, I lost everything and currently live in a shelter and when I visited the computer lab it really brought me back to a simpler time.
D-ROCK Jordan:
Thank the music gods for the 90s
Elaine Keary:
My wonderful husband still sings this song to me 🌟🙌🏼🌟
Job lampy:
did anyone else not know he was black this whole time .... been listen to them for over 15 years and just found this out. im in shock bahahahaha its alright still love em
Julia Diez:
this video is random af. love the song though
Maribel Baez:
Love the 80 n 90! Would give anything to go back !
Samantha Mcnemar:
Trying to stay sober..been 5 months!! This song is therapy!!
Toyin Owolabi:
Remember this song from the 90s, first time watching the video. I can't believe his black. I pictured a big white bearded man singing it !
Wanda Hawley:
I rock when I hear this song Fullerton & Harlem
Zak Kreutzer:
All y'all want him to go back to this genre but he didn't enjoy it as much as Country. he found a place where he enjoyed singing his heart out and his songs now are still amazing and they still have a huge meaning.
ange thomas:
If someone wrote this for/about me l'd forgive all......well not all but you know lol

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Let Her Cry (Video)