Stephen Curry vs. 7-year old boy (2015 Manila Under Armour tour)

>>jimmyballers20>>Stephen Curry vs. 7-year old boy (2015 Manila Under Armour tour)
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Andy Lora:
Curry es mucho mejor que lebron
Who already knew the 7 year old was gonna win?

Steph dont play defense anyway
Christopher Wright:
Curry is no douche bag...of course he isn't going to embarrass a 7 year
FaZe Wolf:
The little kid always tried to pack curry
Guadalupe Soto:
you are a good man curry😀😀😀
He sorry I will break them ankles
Its Ohbrey:
Filipino kid hehehe ♥️🇵🇭
Jesse lin:
All these comments saying "Curry wasn't trying" or whatnot, I sometimes
wonder if these people are just plain dumb or "smart"
Lela Haze:
Stephan curry taking it easy on the little boy and missing the shots on
purpose because he already know he gonna beat that's little boy in
Michael Smith:
play me Stephen Curry New York my name is Michael Smith
Romarco Stanford:
how is Stephen Curry missing
That's Secret:
Yunus Türüt:
sik kadar çocuk neler yapıyo helal
greymtn 21:
I think all know that steph wasnt trying

    Stephen Curry takes on a 7-year old Filipino cute who shows some of his dribbling skills to the MVP earlier. Stephen was impressed with the kid's ability, and complimented him "He's on his way. Seven years old, I can't do that at seven."

This 7-year old kid's real name is Dominic Tuason, and he might be the another version of "Terrence Romeo" in a decade.

Under Armour is shuttling Stephen Curry around Asia, as part of a promotional push for his latest signature kicks, the Curry 2. Just a month ago, LeBron James also visited Manila as a part of the Nike RISE tour program back in August 2015.

Curry also played a full court match with the national basketball team of Manila, Smart Gilas Pilipinas at the Mall of Asia Arena.

*Stephen Curry left his initial basketball endorsement Nike, and signed with Under Armour in 2013 instead. Under Armour had signed Curry to a contract extension through the year 2024, which is worth close to $4 million per year.

**Stephen Curry's Curry 2 Shoes Collection :

***Stephen Curry's Complete Merchandise Collection :