Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry (Bing Lounge)

>>98.7 The Bull>>Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry (Bing Lounge)
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Alan Smith:
continually amazed the folks that get it...timeless tune. hits every fiber of my being...callme, we cry about it together! LOL :) is just truth...smiling thru tears...
Anna Lynch:
Best Hooty and the Blowfish song because of Darius….best Hoory and the Blowfish only because of Dairus and his lovely raspy voice!!! Been a fan of his singing for 25 years.
Cmack Biatches:
hootey . I'm not going to be calling any one Darius. but I' just decided to learn how to play this . I've been awake since wednesday am , I damn sure can play this like the hoot. (you can learn in 4 .min.) I did
David Mendoza:
great singer too bad he went to the dark side, country....bummer :(
Erik Valdez:
awww Darius...I love you brother...man some serious talent never left you...
Gillian Baxter:
I think he did this and projected it onto someone else. Wicked song and amazing singing thou
Jamie Temple:
Such a voice ! Lyrics always relate to something we can all understand. Thank for seeing to us with all your heart !
Jason Fowler:
I saw you guys in Houston before you were famous.  I love this song.  I write music but I have no voice.  Wished you would do Amazing Grace for me, Darius...please.  Time is running out for me.  I have followed you for years.  I heard let her cry and my girlfriend bought me tickets when you played at some bar off white oak in Houston.  I knew it was hit.  Actually bumped into a friend I hadn't seen years that.  Zima beer was all the rage.  I still have a sticker.  Wished you hadn't gone country.  I play music...but I can't play country.  Love you, man.
Jimmy Born:
he fuckin sucks....my 4 year old kid could sing better than him!
Mike Bonasera:
You the man Darius! One of my fav songs to perform live!
Tknufn PHILA:
deep...u dnt understand till u been thru it...
Wagner Souza:
ㅁ,aq à qaqzaaaaaaaa Sá Www za az esq aa aQ se aa&&&&&7&&&qㅁㅁㅁㅁ
We are putting our cat down tomorrow and this song seems appropriate. We are bawling right now...:(.
kdb burton:
write that song for bonnie who? what does that mean
could listen to this dude all day long.....

    Darius Rucker performs "Let Her Cry" live in Studio 987 at the Bing Lounge on Thursday, January 17, 2013.