Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)
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Captain Beefheart:
This guy is so fake. Fucking rich kid. 15 million + views? People love this shit? I guess that's one niche...mentally disabled.
Chris Mallon:
I love this motherfucking song.
Christina Chang:
Rapper's Delight sounds a lot different than I remember
Daniel McGee:
Kid Rock is a true patriot.......God bless the USA.
Kid rock is music for whites dudes who try to act ghetto but hate black people
Guitar Man:
he's very good hoping to wright some songs for him
Jeanne Edenfield:
i can smell a pig a mile away!!!
Is it my imagination or is this a fragment of rappers delight?
when he first put this out, Bette Midler trolled him on TV with a different arrangement of the "chorus" it was funny cool..... she did it old Jazz
Ray Compton:
someone that just don't know what happened​to use, I have cancer,six months to live, where is the respect, Bonnie roark remember me, and close your eyes
The only thing that is good about Kid Rock is the intro of this song, two seconds of gibberish lyrics, and the guitar solo at 2:25 And this is about as much talent you need to fuck Pamela Anderson. Wait. This isn't the early 90s anymore. No one knows who Pamela is in this fucking decade. Who's that bitch with that big ass who is known for having done absolutely nothing and constantly takes photos of herself on her cellphone with a pouty suck-a-lot-of-cock mouth face? Well, Pamela is the rough equivalence of her.
I think this actually holds up pretty well compared to todays shitty music, mostly.
bluepiff gz:
damn....i miss the 90s 2000s man....when Could play outside allday had mad sleepoclvers, pizza chinese n64 sega ps1...summertime Campin mtv girls were easier to talk 2 with out all this internet fb bull ish, sprite remix, 3d dorritoes, those scooters, building ramps 2 jump over with bikes outside, fallover and get the fuccup.. always changing bike tires, dirtbikes.. 2 rocc out.....
kickazz 12:
brings back good times where does time go
Legend has it he is still in the Pitt trying to find so.e love....

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