Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)
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A Little French:
Diesel Concert Lounge \m/ :)
Any Rebel:
the 90s had music that didn't take itself seriously and was just fun
Bobbie Burrows:
kid rock is one of the best singers there ever was
Cristian Sandoval:
juana baila como juana juana la cubana parece refresco de cola a mi me
parece que estas bien buena
Edwin Luján Hernández:
this song takes me back to my cousins and I playing n64 and them trying to
say bawitdaba thinking they were cool... was enough to stop talking to them
Gary V:
Say what you want, having off-road motorcycles jump your music performance
is pretty damn Metal.
Geom Etrotman:
There's trailer park trash, peckerwoods, rednecks, hillbillies each
increasing in ranking of poor whites, hillbillies being the lowest (missing
teeth, moonshining, banjo playing etc). Kid Rock was legitimately trailer
park trash when he first started out, but now somehow has moved
artificially moved himself to the redneck category. He's now essentially a
Redneck wannabe, I wonder if he'll try to move himself to the hillbilly
category... I also wonder if real hillbillies will accept him?
Holly Svehla:
Crank It Up & Love Someone !!!!!!
Jacob D:
I remember watching this on I believe MTV.
Jacob Wilcox:
happy birthday kid rock , hopes it's a good one sir and may god bless you
Jennifer McCann:
...and all my heroes at the methadone clinic! 😜
Kathy Weigand:
I was raised on this music, kid rock was my role model growing up.
Official Duck:
how does he change from this to country
Sanfilippo Angelo:
The best, there are no rivals. #sanfilippoangelo
sNiT bonavue:
The fact that this only has 13 million views is garbage, MY NAME IS

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