Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)
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Alice the Wolf in Chains:
I hope that Senator Rock starts every speech with My name is Kkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd!
Brian Palajsa:
Kid Rock Fan Since 98 and Still !! KR POTUS 2024 !!!
Bryan Corts:
not trailor trash thats for sure. I wonder if this is ghost written though... cell block 6?
We used to do synchronized back flips at Fallon Park Pool in Roanoke, Va to this song, as guards... back in the day... THE ILLEGAL DIVE!!!!
desde cuando dross canta rock :v
Johnny Ray:
Robbie can sing better than Joe Dirte
Josh Becque:
straight harass white trash renegade
I used to throw down to this song at my old trailer home
Stef S:
o man loved you since I was like 12 sucks that u support trump
LETS go KID ROCK !!!!!!! We have your Back ALL DAY babe!!!!!!
This is such a great song. Words are questionable since I'm 50, but who cares, it's rock for America. Keep playing Kid Rock.
fred fuchs:
I was in high school when this came out. Back then, I never would have guessed this little shit would be running for a political office. XD oh if only I could go back in time and tell 15 year old me. I would love to see her face.
Never add tech fads in your music/vids. EVER!
Pagers... heh
The dirt bikers are from crusty demons of dirt think it was the 2nd or 3rd video of them saying "who the fuck is kid rock". Was also the first i ever heard of him.
Senator Rock 2018 wool woop give #fakenews both middle fingers tell em to suck you off and lets go to work saving USA & hope it inspires the planet to throw off the shackles! How can you mothers mosh pit w a ball & chain?

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