Soph P.J. Fuller Is A Top Recruit At The Guard Position, Raw Footage Highlights

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>Soph P.J. Fuller Is A Top Recruit At The Guard Position, Raw Footage Highlights
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Dan McDansky:
He's super tough 16 years old man he's a youngin ballin on the national stage super sophomore he's got a lil Malik Monk in his game
Devron Washington:
Kid is good and is going to get better. Reminds me of Malik Monk a little bit 😳
Extra chilly most highlights!!!
king So Shoota:
They need to WORK WITH THIS DUDE. Could deffly be spacial

    Current offers: Montana, Tennessee, USC & Washington
He's listed as a 6'3 Soph & attends Nathan Hale, WA

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