[HD] Blake Shelton, Danielle Bradbery, & Cassadee Pope sing 'Boys Round Here'

>>Brad Bery>>[HD] Blake Shelton, Danielle Bradbery, & Cassadee Pope sing 'Boys Round Here'
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Alexis Wilkerson:
Omg I really want to meet blake
Ashley Taylor:
Danielle asking all cool at the end
Beau The Lab:
Pretty sure hes lip singing this.
Fantaghiro fc:
miss those days..hope n/t togthr with kohanski..
Jamie Clayton:
My favourite show and coach and by far my 2 favourite girls on the whole voice show šŸ˜ƒ I got to meet cassadee pope at sunfest šŸ˜ƒ
Jessa Buenaventura:
I love that phrase that he dont do dougie. haha. I really love Blake. <3 and Ā Danielle! :)
Madison Byerly:
I love this song, so when cassadee and daniel do it, it sounds even beter.
Matt wyman:
What about Jermaine? I haven't heard anything about him for awhile. Anyone know what he's been up to?
Merilyn Coming:
I am so much happy for you Blake while I am watching you in YouTube....... I love you Blake, don't let anybody who use your account to scam any one.....I love you so much Blake Shelton.....
Morgan Nitsche:
he looks so much like a dad to them 2
2:07 That's the MOST BEAUTIFUL "Ooh, let's ride." I've ever heard. Blake Shelton is one lucky bastard. LOL!!!
I'm subscribed, and I always check out ALL of the videos, but for some reason I always seem to miss one.
Youtube User:
Blakes voice is too strong, he completely drown everyone else.
dee smith:
nice performance wish they would have picked a betterĀ  songĀ  to sing
super honest:
why does danielle kinda look alittle apprehensive preforming alongside cassade ? anyone else see that or is it just me ?
Why does that look like The Voice stage.

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