[HD] Blake Shelton, Danielle Bradbery, & Cassadee Pope sing 'Boys Round Here'

>>Brad Bery>>[HD] Blake Shelton, Danielle Bradbery, & Cassadee Pope sing 'Boys Round Here'
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Alexis Wilkerson:
Omg I really want to meet blake
Ashley Taylor:
Danielle asking all cool at the end 
Brad Bery:
Danielle and Cassadee's voices sound so infectiously sweet together. 
Crystal Kramer:
Pretty sure hes lip singing this.
Greg GregC:
It's great to see the 3 of them performing together. Blake really takes
care of those 2 girls.
Jamie Clayton:
My favourite show and coach and by far my 2 favourite girls on the whole
voice show 😃 I got to meet cassadee pope at sunfest 😃 
Jessa Buenaventura:
I love that phrase that he dont do dougie. haha. I really love Blake. <3
and Danielle! :)
Madison Byerly:
I love this song, so when cassadee and daniel do it, it sounds even beter.
Matt wyman:
What about Jermaine? I haven't heard anything about him for awhile. Anyone
know what he's been up to?
Steven Carter:
This was an awesome reunion with Blake, Cassadee and Danielle. So good to
see the three on stage together showing why Blake is the biggest male voice
in Country music and Danielle and Cassadee two of it biggest rising stars.
Think Blake can find us another this year? Happy New Year to all. :-)
2:07 That's the MOST BEAUTIFUL "Ooh, let's ride." I've ever heard. Blake
Shelton is one lucky bastard. LOL!!!
I'm subscribed, and I always check out ALL of the videos, but for some
reason I always seem to miss one.
dee smith:
nice performance wish they would have picked a better song to sing
Awesome performance. Blake is doing everything he can to promote both
Danielle and Cassadee. The more exposure they get, the better.
some guy:
why does danielle kinda look alittle apprehensive preforming alongside
cassade ? anyone else see that or is it just me ?
Why does that look like The Voice stage. 

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