Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!
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This is such stupid basketball. The Ball family is so overrated. The refs
don't even ref correctly. The players don't even know what defense is.
Anyone can shoot the ball, only the true stars can play defense. What a
pathetic game. High school games shouldn't have scores in the 90's and
Enrique Ybarra:
Matt Bonner with the deep 3 at the end!!
Felix Swave:
Why doesn't liangelo play football? He's good at catching long passes, even
when there are multiple people near him. And he is stocky enough to run
over people and not get crushed. All he needs to do is get faster and he
should be good
UCLA is just gonna be ball brothers if Lonzo stays long enough for La Melo
Jeff Webber son:
This is the worst recorder I have ever seen he shakes so much and zooms in
every five seconds I'm getting the biggest headache and I'm about 1 minute
in , just disliked the video
Are LaMelo's kicks custom made? I can't find the colorway
Justinthegamer 66:
That was a mean block at 3:52
Lachlan Cook:
Liangelo be getting triple teamed and still putting up good shots
Michael Moreno:
Zion Williamson would destroy chino hills
Ryan Maka:
Does anyone else hear the crazy mom in the background
those preppy white boys got me weak lmao
Sports Gamers Online:
Chino Hills playable in NBA 2K18 CONFIRMED.
Triggered xD:
That bitch screeching the whole fucking game was annoying af
Xander Marikit:
Liangelo Ball does not do defense
erich roberts:
the younger one might make it but the older one isn't. I'm seeing any major
skill. plus he's over weight.

    Chino Hills kicked off their 2017 league games as wild as you can imagine at home against Damien. It didn't take long for the highlights to start pouring in as LaMelo Ball (33 points), LiAngleo Ball (25 points), Eli Scott (21 points), Onyeka Okongwu, Ofure Ujadughele and the rest of the team extended their streak to 52 wins in a row! Damien came played hard all game long and gave it their best shot with junior Cameron Shelton leading them in scoring with 32 points.

Our friends and fellow YouTube content creators JesserTheLazer and Kristopher London were there as well. Check out their YouTube channels below.

JesserTheLazer's YouTube channel:

Kristopher London's YouTube channel: