Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!
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Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:
Kiki Allen:
Even chino hills bench got skills
Lil Dicky Ball:
One year later they both in Lithuania... what a difference a year makes smh
Why doesnt fatman with #3 doesnt return on defence?
Omari Callender:
Gelo gets so much disrespect, I really hope he dominates at UCLA. Like if you agree
Puerto RicanPapi:
Li angelo a spammin cheat code fseee
Ravage Raccoon:
Ball is life can u do a face reavel
10:20 the crowds are saying “LETS GO CHICKEN!”
Tyler Andrews:
Who is that annoying ass woman on the sideline always pushing those kids
Vinny Smoove:
"3 seconds "bitch stfu they're down 20+
antonio sau:
9:14 - Not sure if it's a Passionate Mother yelling or Lil Pump #Esssskkttt
canaan daniels:
11:35 everyone was flipping him off haaaa
cityslick slays:
What shoes were melo wearing at 0:54 can someone please help me.Thanx
kill cam:
in my  opion lamelo is better than curry and lebron
the Chino Hills teacher or whatever always pisses me off, if that bitch was standing in front of me all game she would probably want to kill herself, which if she is that much of a square might already be the case.

    Chino Hills kicked off their 2017 league games as wild as you can imagine at home against Damien. It didn't take long for the highlights to start pouring in as LaMelo Ball (33 points), LiAngleo Ball (25 points), Eli Scott (21 points), Onyeka Okongwu, Ofure Ujadughele and the rest of the team extended their streak to 52 wins in a row! Damien came played hard all game long and gave it their best shot with junior Cameron Shelton leading them in scoring with 32 points.

Our friends and fellow YouTube content creators JesserTheLazer and Kristopher London were there as well. Check out their YouTube channels below.

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