Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Chino Hills WILD OUT in First Home Game w/ JesserTheLazer & Kris London Watching!! FULL Highlights!
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911v BOMB3R:
15 definitely starting next year after that three💯💯
Ajoy Gurung:
when there 3 people on gel but he still scores
Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:
Dan Darling:
Alonzo is the fucking team player out of the brothers number 21,1 and 23 for chinio hill's are good idk how they play and put up with mello and Angelo ball hogs
Dion Redmond:
there was no defense played on either side of the teams
Jack Deming:
Fuckin cherry picking douche bags
Johnny Smathers:
this is the most choatic basketball so much talent though
Kerby Jean baptiste:
So many 3's Fans are not shocked anymore at the end
Nathan Tunks:
What kind of leg sleeves does Lamelo wear?
Rob Dameron:
no one playing defense?? shit iiiii could put up 60 with that crap!!
Sam Walker:
what shoes is lamelo wearing at 0:54
they dont play d..I dont think number 3 passes half court ..for to play two way ball..
Zac Birchler:
yo, every time liangelo scored he stared the defender down lmao
hypebeast prevention:
ummm why does gelo look like he switched shoes with someone on the other team😟
this is why that say gelo is not gonna make it to the nba

    Chino Hills kicked off their 2017 league games as wild as you can imagine at home against Damien. It didn't take long for the highlights to start pouring in as LaMelo Ball (33 points), LiAngleo Ball (25 points), Eli Scott (21 points), Onyeka Okongwu, Ofure Ujadughele and the rest of the team extended their streak to 52 wins in a row! Damien came played hard all game long and gave it their best shot with junior Cameron Shelton leading them in scoring with 32 points.

Our friends and fellow YouTube content creators JesserTheLazer and Kristopher London were there as well. Check out their YouTube channels below.

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