Jake Owen CMA Fest Take 2 - Barefoot Blue Jean Night

>>Bobby Bones>>Jake Owen CMA Fest Take 2 - Barefoot Blue Jean Night
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Dude. NAILED it....John Anderson
Brett Gaertner:
1:32 listen to how a professional handles a screw up. Love ya dude
Deborah Hafer:
Awesome John Anderson impression Jake. I luv my Florida neighbor country singers. Wahoo.
Karen Montanaro:
Jake is such a nut, love him!!

Linda Loschiavo Makofski:
He was fantastic. I was so sad they had to cut it short. Next year CMT Music Fest
should build a revolving stage and divide it in 2 or 3 parts. This would save a lot of wasted time. Instead of waiting for the band to set up, you could have one or two bands set up and ready to go, Jake Owen only did one number. Meanwhile we sat there as band after band set up.

Nicole Saysanasongkham:
Oh my gosh I just fell in love with Jake Owen.
Y gal:
LOVED IT! This really did feel like a party.
Fresh Prince country cover! Made me smile like crazy!
Keep up the good work, the show's awesome.
"Rained out Sundayyy night but I didn't see a drop!" Ahhh love love love! <3 Jake is AMAZING!!!
I would have loved to have been there that looks like a blast to hang out with Jake

    Jake Owen was forced to cut his CMA Fest 2013 show short because of weather so he finished up his set live on the Bobby Bones Show. Here he is playing "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" with Amy's help