Stephen A. Smith's Reaction To Alabama Loss To Clemson!

>>Picaro>>Stephen A. Smith's Reaction To Alabama Loss To Clemson!
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Steven A Smith has had so much SEC dick inside of him, he sweats incestuous
southern semen.
Ethan Hill:
Hi World:
Who's that guy on the right? He looks like a total douche
does Steven A. Smith have any chill? (or brains?)
J. Thomas Prolifyk J:
SAS, lookin super salty talkin about "he's sick"...should be sick of
rambling nonsense when he's wrong. Alabama lost & Clemson won (period)!!!
James Huggins:
When it comes down to it 31 points should be plenty to win a football game.
Alabama Defense just got outplayed, plain and simple.
M Montenegro:
M Schoenfuss:
Stephen Smith.... YOU ARE WRONG! Clemson won the game! They finally wore
the Alabama defense down and did what they did all year long. Give credit
where credit is do. Alabama did not lose it by themselves. Again, Clemson
won it.
Manuel Melendez:
Stephen A sounding like an ESPN company man
Phillip Scott:
bama scored too fast that's why they lost. lane kiffin should've stayed
with the team til after the game he helped led the team there once again.
if lane kiffin had stayed they would've won.
Pure Liberal Warrior:
I agree with Stephen A.! He has great knowledge, spirit, commitment, and
enthusiasm too. :-)
Richard Anderson:
The Greatest College Game ever Played!
Richard Milford:
Are you kidding me Stephen? Clemson won in every stat!
YoYoitsyourboy BigB:
Stephen can't give Clemson credit for anything can he that bama defense is
all what they say it is but so is that Clemson offense
josiah maniscalco:
Why does he still have a job for ESPN he's a racist and knows nothing about

    ESPN First Take Today 1-10-17 Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman On Clemson Defeat Alabama To Win National Championship 2017.

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