Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why [Official Video]
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Alvin Gallegos:
Still picture him on Joe Dirt as some guy who kept putting down poor Joe. lol!
Collonell Sean Joseph Hagins:
only a stupid idiot would force slavery and desecrate on Jehovah Allah Messiah yaweeh and think period or frame gods families and Lucifer's of his true spirit
Jerry Hopkins:
They don't know the shit I've been threw cAnt kick the shit to many night mares been shot beat od++++god onlynows I sure fuck don't that's why I'm in mountains alone but dope is everywhere
Jerry Young:
He gets hate because of his political dirt bag shit, that being said this is a solid track -upvote
Kenneth F.:
They haven’t got him. How is that possible? God!!!
New Damage:
Fuck Everything Kid Rock is about. That said this song is the real fucking shit.
Rene' Gregoire Polz:
Kid Rock, Have a Great Family Thanksgiving
Shawn Harmon:
This has so much meaning but I first heard it from a prison cell.
Reminds me of the summer of 1999, the year I graduated high school, good memories good times!!! Love you Kid Rock.
Thomas DeMay:
Wish he was running for Senate I'de vote for him whether he was a Registered Repub or Demo it wouldn't matter Kid Rock REAL which is what we need back in Politics.
Windi Nugent:
I like this"kid" he "rock" i u usually listen too this typr if music but he make
Wyatt Young:
Kid rock I was in the same campground in you In 2016
andreaas schonenberg:
"..People don't know about the things I say and do
They don't understand about the shit that I've been through
It's been so long since I've been home
I've been gone, I've been gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all things I miss
Oh somehow I know there's more to life than this.."..... i cant stop to listen this song!!!
john Dell:
Love this song has alot of meaning to it!
suraj ningthoukhongjam:
Anyone listening this in 2017🤗

    Kid Rock's official video for "Only God Knows Why" from the album "Devil Without a Cause"

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Directed by Jameson Stafford & Clark Eddy