Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why [Official Video]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why [Official Video]
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Amy Hinojos:
Only God can guide you be with u and save u from anything and everything even yourself. Things happen for a reason stay humble live life with God and God will show u why ur life was created.
April Lacefield:
Kid Rock will always have some BADASS songs wish I go to some concerts right now stay true love yah Crazy Town Butterfly
Chris Caudill:
I lost my best friend a year ago thank you kid rock for helping get trough hard times
David Roberts:
This is my favorite song its my wedding song and i live that life everyday except the one night stands my heart is heavy for her i couldnt do that
Joe Harris:
All hell they a kid rock band wagon I get on it two.
Michelle Velasquez:
I Love Kid Rock I love this song I loved it when it came out and still love it and all his other songs, this one is my favorite Kid ROck Rocks!!!
Pebbles Delisle:
This song holds a special place in my heart. Everytime I hear it, I got to a special time in my life that means the world to me. Even though we don't share the same political views I still will love his music. Thanks for the tunes and God bless you and your family.
Red Doe:
"......lookin for the payback,listen for the playback,they say that every man bleeds just like ME...I feel like NUMBER ONE,yet I'm last in line.I watch my youngest son,it helps to pass the time...I take TOO MANY pills,it helps to ease the pain.I made a couple dollar bills but yet I feel the same...everybody knows MY name,say it WAY OUT LOUD!! A lot of folks fuck with me,it's hard to hang out in crowds.I guess that's the price ya pay to be some BIG SHOT like I am....."
Ryan O'Cerous:
As an independent conservative libertarian guy, I only see hate pointed at KR, I don't see any hate from him at anyone else. That is what sways the likes of me to sympathize with him.
Ryan Scholler:
Let the angels rest in heaven because I adore god
Samantha Wolford:
Kid rock awsome I'm a kid but still love his songs they are so good I mean I'm still just a kid so..
Sharon Bell:
Tara Walker:
See that corner u Q get the fuck out really Quincy dont try to make the bible .. or the island
shorty33 %:
Kid Rock playing in Zitto Fleet, the only fleet that has that magnificent view of the city.
watamote lover 4 life:
Rip kid rock I hope you made it we all do a wish we can

    Kid Rock's official video for "Only God Knows Why" from the album "Devil Without a Cause"

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Directed by Jameson Stafford & Clark Eddy