Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)
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Amie Davis:
Gabriel, my husband and I were just talking about you. If there is ever a part in a movie, and some of the scenes are in New York, you would be great at playing someone that resembled our airport ride from Laguardia to Newark. Picture with me an old Ford Van, not a panel on it that isn't covered in dents and scrapes-(As a matter of fact, I googled an image of a dented old Ford van tonight and there wasn't one that was in as bad of shape that looked like the one we were in.) The guy is wearing a white wife beater tank top (no stains), white painters pants, black dress shoes, balding with a greasy ponytail (skullet?) and a white brood snap cap. He grabs our luggage and literally throws it in the back of the van. The guy yells at us to get in. A Puerto Rican radio station is playing...and yes, it gets better. As I get into the van and sit down, I look up to see eleven St Christopher's medals lined up exactly how the seats are laid out glued to the console. There are white dingle balls in every single window, no seat belts except for the drivers, you could see where every other seats seat belt had been cut out. Our driver had his window down and the best part was he slams on the gas and the horn all at the same time then proceeds to scream out his window in his best Brooklyn accent. During what I can only describe as the one time I thought for sure I was going to die in an automobile, my husband was completely relaxed arms stretched out across the bench seat and I am white knuckling it all the way to Newark Airport....How I wish I could make this up, but you can't. I thought my husband was pranking me since we had just gotten married and then I realized I was the one that set up the transport for our honeymoon. This experience really did happen and it needs to be shown on the big screen. We thought either you or else Luis Guzman would be great at playing this part.
Angiee Hernandez:
I Loveeeee Youuuu❀️ You are so Funny! Lol Much blessings πŸ‘πŸ»
Eliseo Lusian:
all right over 2 million subscribers congradulations.
Fitness For Life 365:
1:43 we know who gets the least clicks
Hannah Hughes:
I like seeing where a comic starts out, going back to the early time in their career. Still funny!
Jeff Nasser:
he is unhealthy --cant laugh i was too ==--once weight is off i was a complete babe cant keep women away
Joey OCampo:
i think this was after he did the show all that
Amazing. You were made for this!
Mazen Adnan:
This guy is so freaking awesome since the very beginningπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It'd be funnier if at 3:47 he started making sound effects of metal bending
Reina Arana:
Ronoy Hudson:
A Mothers Day upload best!!! safest comedy lol no f**k said. wow i actually laughed at this more than once, who else ?
Tyson Jones:
looks like someone fisted that mouth hole of his , yuck #bootydiet #fluckinflagget
Villo. RÁvila:
he tried to hard to sound like Paul Rodriguez here
exto cy:
this channel is not active fluffy ?

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