Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)
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Count.Chievious Blinker:
Hey Gabriael, thanks for the Laughs and the Memories, You are Awesome.
Francisco Palafox:
1998 you looked like a young version of farva weii
Howard Munn:
YOOOO......I remember see this back when I was in middle school LOL 😅😅😅! I never thought I'd ever find it though.
Johnny Trever:
Wow this was probably after his Nickelodeon All That days
Joss Gonzalez:
No soy muy fan de la comedia en ingles pero tu si la rifas chido, te conocí por Franco, apenas empecé a ver tus videos y me caigo de risa. Saludos broo, eres gran comediante.
I could fit both of my legs in just one of his pant legs.
can you make a video about your script writing process????
Rebecca Oakley:
just love fluffy can't watch nothing else since I was introduced to his stuff on neflix better than Dunham
Steelers Nation:
fluffy was a little DAM back in the day
Tony Morales:
He sonds like a little bitch witch he is
The MAN SURVIVED AT THE APOLLO... Dang, NOT to many comedians can SAY THAT.. The crowd at the Apollo tends to be vey harsh. They are NOT shy of letting SUCKY Comedians KNOW how much they SUCK.. A real TOUGH CROWD..
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maryam mure:
that was epic he always been funny from the get go I loved it lol
renato o:
subtitulos para tus fans en mexico que no sabemos ingles, me volvi fan gracias a netflix
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