Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Gabriel Iglesias - Showtime at the Apollo (1998)
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B Charron:
yo anyone know where Gabriel's neck is at??
Duck Fayce:
Jeez, Gabriel can do a better squat than me, and I weigh 151lbs
Jacob Fields:
This guy has never made me laugh once.
Kethrow Sakurin:
dude....tell me he doesn't look like a mexican josh nickels
Kingston Boone:
Fav comedian since you burst on scene and made impact man. I was born that year in this video btw😂
Mark Garduno:
And right there and then , you knew he was going to be big. . . .both in size and successfully 😎
Nope Nope:
Gabriel you're so cute!😄😄😄
Poonyawie Lee:
that this the year I was born LOL
Tophat Topic Vlogs:
Just saw you fluffy in souix falls South Dakota
Video Quoter:
He was better-looking, and less funny when he was younger.
angrygamingnerd 23:
Jesus no one had a sense of humor back then, they hardly laughed
nonpoint korn:
how old wher you during this vid?
Wh does he look like and sound like gabriel? Except it isnt him because he isnt wearing Hawaiian shirt and he is not wearing shorts!
walter ontiveros:
Hi Gabriel looks like you had a great time a the Ventura fair.was so happy to hear all the kind things you were saying about robin .he was my favorite comic.he aaid comedy is like being in a different world .i been there .it feels so strange to have so much control over people. I am a funny guy friend pitchin to buy some weed for me and enjoy the show.
so full of life, hope and dreams...

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