Marvin Bagley & Sierra Canyon TAKE DOWN #1 La Lumiere! Tyger Campbell, Brian Bowen, Remy Martin

>>NJSportsScene>>Marvin Bagley & Sierra Canyon TAKE DOWN #1 La Lumiere! Tyger Campbell, Brian Bowen, Remy Martin
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CJ Tanks:
Man, number 5 would be too fast with less hair...😂
Neil Ashby:
They don't give Marvin the ball enough, but I guess it works for them.
Ralph Garrett:
Keep up the great work in The Lord!!
Teddy Bahu:
I heard Lalu almost lost later that week too
marioj 18:
tyger, Kentucky will welcome you with open arms. and to think he's only a sophmore
what the fuck is on Brian Bowen's head
vin russo:
With Sierra Canyon's talent, an elite coach could have a game plan to be the best in the nation. The whole team have NBA potential. Even the white Guard/forward has game. With a team where he gets more touches he will thrive, Cody Riley is going to be a beast at UCLA.

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Marvin Bagley & Sierra Canyon High School (CA) take down USA's #1 ranked team La Lumiere (IN) 76-74 at The 2017 Spalding HoopHall Classic in Springfield, Mass.