The Dark Side Of Steve Smith Sr.

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Alec Bonhomme:
Smith was a beast. He would fight someone after every play if he could
Brandon Atkinson:
top 10 all time receiver definitely he's going to the hall of fame
Chrisbosey Lamerac:
lol he is a little bitch I will kill him
0:44 - 1:04

Background = Week 1. That #36 dude picked up two special teams flags. The flags set us back big time, and effectively iced our chances of winning. So, Steve Smith let the guy have it, because it was actually a very important game.
Gold Prodigies:
Woulda loved to see him and Richard Sherman go at it.
He should of been the one nicknamed "Honey Badger" instead.
Pete Porcelli:
character counts steve lololololol nfl what a joke
Philip T:
You can't play in this league at his size without being both physically and mentally tough. 95% of his "dark side" is head games. He's not a dirty player at all, but if he can get you out of your game with trash talk and alittle post whistle physicality, it's gonna be a long day. Ice up son.
Preston Wood:
Dark side???? This video is terrible it's just someone video recording there TV and putting music behind. Not to mention I wouldn't call this a dark side
Ronin 77:
I hate the Panthers and Ravens but always gave props to Smith -- dude comes to play, period. An undersized receiver who didn't take shit from ANYBODY
Is there a light side to steve smith???
smith looks like a distant cousin to julio
William Goldsmith:
He doesn't have an ugly side he is a man on a mission
lord infamous:
Dark side? Y'all dumbasses. This is just the competitive side of him. Those were all the people talking trash to him.
never cared for steve smith...thought he was a cried too much but i did love when he made pac man look stupid when he scored

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