The Dark Side Of Steve Smith Sr.

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Anthoman 72:
You are disrespectful to these athletes. Especially the ones that are retired with legendary carrers. Think about it. Who wouldn't get mad at a flag and who wouldnt celebrate after a touchdown. Just please stop disrespecting these athletes that pay their lives for our entertainment. Everyone has a dark side.
Bet you won't Say it to my face:
Dark Side of Steve Smith? You're assuming that he had a light side. That dude was a fucking goon.
BuddtheBlackWolf 336:
Steve Smith is my favorite NFL player!!!
Jacob Luther:
He wasn't just "mad about a flag".

#36 is former Panthers RB, (special-teamer) Armond Smith. He was a gunner on Punt team. This was in the 2nd half of the game vs. Seattle in an extremely close defensive struggle of a game.

Armond cost the team by committing a penalty on a punt (running out of bounds on his own), and the clip you're seeing is when he did it for the 2nd time in the same quarter, hurting the team again.
Jadonn Williams:
Wait, wait, wait. There's a light side?
Jose Palomo:
I'm gonna miss my boi Steve Smith Sr play and punk these mofos! You should of included the scene when he made Richard Sherman his bitch lmfao 😂😂😂
Luke Dark:
u are a disaster with the fvcking music.
Noah Wagstaff:
you're acting like him doing this is bad or something i mean come on this is why we love him and guys like me growing up look up to him its called passion for the game and no one played it better than him
This vid is about Steve Smith not frock the better one Steve Smith SR
Quan SoCalm:
steve is a hot head for no reason he get mad over lil shit lol
watch 3min32sec he's in a trance while grabbing antwon blakes jersey...looked weird
Tomás Bonet:
Someone needs to make a proper SSS tribute video
There is a reason I love Steve smith
michael coleman:
Talks a lot of trash for a above average receiver
God, I'm gonna miss watching Steve Smith.

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