The Very Best Of Lobo (Full Album)

>>peepolfull>>The Very Best Of Lobo (Full Album)
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Antonio Sousa:
só quem viveu esta época pra saber ...quando musica era musica onde você...
Bibek Ruwali:
Love to hear such songs and afraid that will these again be played in centuries after us :(
Ecca Shapie:
hmmmmm i miss it
so beautiful song
Fahmi Bafadhal:
I like all of his album, thanks guys.
Hương Ngô:
Mình yêu giọng hát của Lobo, ấm áp, truyền cảm lạ lùng.
Isabel Rodrigues:
Best memories refresh my life. I love it
John Duyan:
lobo ang pinaka paborito kung band
Mojibur Rahman:
LOBO is MY Best singer ....i love you always hes song
Nikomka 3011:
candy you the best.thanks for the good songs.
Ridwanrahel Ridwan:
Sangat bagus...sayang nggak bisa di donlod
Sushil Bhasin:
Thanh Tong LE:
Yes! I see my every god time thank
ismail fuady:
super music, sangat relax, mendengar music ini mengiringi saya membaca buku, tengah malah, di pedalaman Sulawesi Selatan. salam kepada mas rosyidi ridwan, sugeng mas'ud klewogan Parakan Temanggung.
pan ng foong:
good night, love hearing Lobo singing, he is a great singer,😃😃😃
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    0:00:00 01. Intro - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
0:03:42 02.How Can I Tell Her
0:07:48 03.I'd Love You To Want Me
0:11:37 04.Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
0:15:06 05.It's Sure Took A Long, Long Time
0:18:10 06.Rings
0:21:31 07.Don't Tell Me Goodnight
0:24:22 08.I'm The Only One
0:27:30 09.A Simple Man
0:30:26 10.She Didn't Do Magic
0:33:07 11.There Ain't No Way
0:36:14 12.Standing At The End Of The Line
0:39:56 13.Stoney
0:43:29 14.Would I Still Have You
0:47:05 15.Daydreamer Believer
0:50:30 16.Goodbye Is Just Another Word
0:53:56 17.Love Me For What I Am
0:57:49 18.All For The Love Of A Girl
1:00:15 19.Something To See Me Through
1:03:25 20.One And The Same Thing
1:07:24 21.A Little Different
1:10:14 22.Rock 'N Roll Days
1:13:49 23.The Albatros