The Very Best Of Lobo (Full Album)

>>peepolfull>>The Very Best Of Lobo (Full Album)
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Anreko Byung Rai:
lobo is my and thanks for this collection peepolfull :-*
Chat pitayu Good:
candy you the best.thanks for the good songs.
Ecca Shapie:
hmmmmm i miss it
so beautiful song
Fahmi Bafadhal:
I like all of his album, thanks guys.
Huebird Sarker:
so nice and lovely song, thanks
Jose Manuel Graça Pascoal:
E o tempo em dançava-mos estas musicas
Michele Beers:
I looked at flights I want to fly out out of Manchester to west palm Beach Florida airport I'm looking for some kind of discount I want to leave about Jan 11 and to Jan ,18 th come over to my apt or ours and have breakfast with me would love you to be with me and coffee too stay with me baby my darling Mike I will always be here for you we could make sweet love your momi
Mojibur Rahman:
LOBO is MY Best singer ....i love you always hes song
Renzo B. Mellilo:
Lembranças...melhores momentos de minha vida ......
Flott album . fulgt meg i 40 år snart. og mange tårer følger med med det albumet. En hyllest til kjærligheten .
V. Dung:
remember much of my highschool Le Bao Tinh, I 'm from Vietnam, I like you Thailand, thanks
Zilene Araújo:
Quantas recordações! Quanta saudade!
pan ng foong:
good night, love hearing Lobo singing, he is a great singer,😃😃😃
peerapong n songkhal:
เพลงเก่าๆ น่าฟังมาก ฟังแล้วสบายใจ

    0:00:00 01. Intro - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
0:03:42 02.How Can I Tell Her
0:07:48 03.I'd Love You To Want Me
0:11:37 04.Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
0:15:06 05.It's Sure Took A Long, Long Time
0:18:10 06.Rings
0:21:31 07.Don't Tell Me Goodnight
0:24:22 08.I'm The Only One
0:27:30 09.A Simple Man
0:30:26 10.She Didn't Do Magic
0:33:07 11.There Ain't No Way
0:36:14 12.Standing At The End Of The Line
0:39:56 13.Stoney
0:43:29 14.Would I Still Have You
0:47:05 15.Daydreamer Believer
0:50:30 16.Goodbye Is Just Another Word
0:53:56 17.Love Me For What I Am
0:57:49 18.All For The Love Of A Girl
1:00:15 19.Something To See Me Through
1:03:25 20.One And The Same Thing
1:07:24 21.A Little Different
1:10:14 22.Rock 'N Roll Days
1:13:49 23.The Albatros