Little Big Town - Day Drinking

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Brenda Lautanen:
I meet you guys you guys are so cool
Ciao Carlo:
I love this song and the video is filmed in Miami.
Daniel Martinez:
I do a little daily drinking. Love this song.
Fake9847988754 Fake287468782787:
awww they make alcoholism look like a good time
Frisco Sancho:
my favorite songs Lawrence ks 2015
Jeff R:
my problem was I did a little too much day drinkin
Jenny Locy:
No captions :( Can you add captions, pretty please? :)
Jesse jeppesen:
Your not supposed to have glass on the beach
Johnathon Fosmark:
day drinking for the vikings game go vikes!!!!
M3rcury's Laboratory:
the country ABBA! who else is day drinking with me? this song even has the bruhs whistling.
Randall Weaver:
Ok oK ok everyday or just fridays?Im easy
Rhonda Boncutter:
Used to live in the city, hated traffic, love this song! Now I live out in the corn fields and love it!
Gotta love how the conservatives and christians love country and this song :D
james g:
Day Drinking just makes me sleepy
Please drink responsible right? hahahaha This is poppy garbage and the complete opposite of Country music but dammit it's so catchy I just love it hahaha!

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