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Amanda H:
I want to go to a beach now. my sky here is dreary and its 20 degrees outside :(
Connie Martin:
I love Kimberly's outfit but can't figure out why she had boots on that go up to her knees on a beach??
Courtney Meeks:
Love it so much ❤💙💚💛💜
Dayna Jingles:
I worked day shift in a bar for how many years? All we had was day drinking hey happy hour was at 3 not 5.
James Morris:
Love this song whoever disliked this are Justin beiber fans I love whistling to this song
Jayo Zombie:
Put 'em 👍 if you're actually daydrinkin, then quit reading comments and HAVE SOME FUN!
John Brennan:
Love this song. Where was the opening filmed?
Mary Rodriguez:
Who else is listening to this great song?
Preston Hanson:
I was day drinking before day drinking was cool. Theirs no such thing as a alcoholic, just the sign of a weak liver
Rachel Lee:
I love the thought of having fun and drinking all day and not having to watch fireworks at sundown. Thunder over Louisville would be better without them in my opinion.
Rhonda Boncutter:
Wish tickets didn't cost so much! Years ago went to concerts all the time, now you can't afford them!
Steven Zastrow:
I have been around alcohol all my life and never once made the decision that I wanted to drink and drink and drink until I let the alcohol take over my life. It is sad when people put blame on bands or on a song that a band sings about alcohol or any other issue the hater complains about for the day. It is not wrong to enjoy having some beers, some mixed drinks while enjoying life, and as it is clear that alcohol is not taking over any of the band's group members of Little Big Town, as they are extremely successful in all songs they sing for their true fans, and so haters will be haters no matter what is played on the radio. If you don't like the song then change the station.
Love this song, need a 420 version! 😘💚
Ultimate HipHop:
Real hip hop is hard to find now a days - I only see you and this new artist out of Chicago named "Hunnid" keeping hip hop alive. Be sure to check out his channel and keep up the good work!
How could u not like this song it's totally awsome

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