Little Big Town - Day Drinking

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this song makes me have a hangover from hell..😂😂😂
Connor Elliot:
I wanna do some fuckin day drinking!!!!
Kevin C:
Is country even country anymore
A real country song is like Drunk on a Plane also this is a good song though
Matt Cain:
Listening to this makes me proud to be an alcoholic. LOL
Rhonda Boncutter:
Love this song, but keep thinking if this was real what happens to the cars they abandoned! I am always the practical one! Love that they felt free to do that! Back in the day, maybe!
Ryan Beers:
I could be doing some day drinking with that brunette alright😉 😆😅😈😋..!!
Scean lyonz:
Day drinking got thrown in jail assholes!! Thank for nothing!! Loljk
Sharee Kersey:
I love this song so much I listen to it all the time and every day
Theresa Mitchem:
You have always sang about my life
Jesus Christ loves you
Zach Yauch:
Day drinking helps you fall asleep especially when you work nights and then have to work two day shifts during the week....I do it sometimes
Idk but the blone defiantly a milf
This is the longest Beats Pill commercial promoting alcoholism I've ever seen.
mr.p.g. busby:
I love the you tube music app it really helps me to kick back and listen to my kind of country music and relax with a cold one in my hand.
tree Stump:
How is nobody talking about the matching band

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