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Bare Country:
i drink with seniors. then we hit denny's!
Chris Brooks:
I don't drink nor do I listen to country music, but this is catchy. Gives me summer vibes for sure.
Dwaine Samaroo:
This group is just fun. Fun! Fun! and more fun!!
Fred Dieterich:
Day drinking... always a good thing.
Gabby Ali-Marino:
Y'all need to learn how to have a little fun lol calm down. I hope when I'm nearing 50 I look that good, and I can chill out on a sunny beach having a fun drink with my friends
Jared Jensen:
Are they still in High School? Ever heard of Arrested Development?
John Reid:
the girl with the dark hair is so sexy
Michael Edison:
Still trying to figure out who's HOTTER.........the BLONDE or Brunette lady.
Milo Johnston:
Whos listing on Tuesday, wishing it was Friday.
Rhonda Boncutter:
I try not to drink until 6 P.M., but can be coaxed into earlier! Looks like fun!
Wynonna Mammel:
Everyone is fighting over if this is real country or not and I'm just here praying the kids in the marching band uniforms are just stupid and didn't think to take off their uniforms. Because otherwise they're skipping a performance. If somebody in my band did that, my band instructors would hang their dead meat on the wall as an example of what not to do
chuck amok:
wretched. modern country is a horrorshow.
james g:
Day Drinking just makes me sleepy
The official theme song of functioning alcoholics everywhere.
Please drink responsible right? hahahaha This is poppy garbage and the complete opposite of Country music but dammit it's so catchy I just love it hahaha!

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